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Monday, 22 February 2021

Road to hell

 So, exactly 11 years after Prince William’s infamous 1111 (eleven eleven) appearance on the front cover of Hello magazine issue date 22/02/2010, Boris announces that everything will be more or less open by midsummers day, 21/6

Which is Williams birthday, for obvious symbolic reasons.

And we are on a one way road to freedom?

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Anonymous said...

I thought of your prediction regarding the summer solstice/ William today and was not surprised by the timing. There is also the phase 2 opening April 12th 12/4/21. June in the old roman calendar was the fourth (phase 4) month so 21/4/21. There is the correlation in dates, and they have purposefully avoided Easter Sunday for relaxing the ‘Rules’’. Is this a sign of a snub to Christ and setting the scene for the anti christ? Could it really be William?