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Monday, 4 September 2017

Bridging the Gap ?

This is worth highlighting, is there some sort of symbolism at play alluding directly to a royal belief in reincarnation ?

It's just been on the radio that Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their third child. Breaking News and all that.

Today, HM Queen opens the new Forth crossing, the "Queensferry Crossing", the third one to span the Forth Estuary, linking Edinburgh with Fife. It's exactly 53 years since she opened the Forth Bridge. The Queensferry Crossing will, to all intents and purposes, replace the Forth Bridge. (BBC News)

Back in 2008, it was revealed that Prince Philip's funeral arrangements are code-named "Forth Bridge" by Palace officials. (here)

One wonders if his time is imminent.



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Anonymous said...

Great to have you back. What an interesting idea - in a time and place some years ago a few like minded souls pondered the true nature of Prince Phillip - we found some writing to say he may be a god like entity that in indestructible and who can have many forms at once. I believe Harry is his son - the child pictures of them both are striking - more than a grandfathers influence. Indeed I think many people in power are closely related - half brothers and sisters/ clones - a huge programme since the second world war for time now. The royals are at the very heart of these breeding plans.

Thanks so much for this. I trust you and those close are well xxxx