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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Gone to the dogs

I wrote Water Closets just a couple of weeks ago, concerning Uri Geller and his spoon statue, which he erected in "energy infested" Sonning; noting in the process his previous deposit of magickal crystals on Scotland's myth-ridden Lamb Island.

It seems his sculpture did not go down well in certain quarters with obscene messages and even a bag of dog waste being left upon it. Then, as if by magic, the statue vanished into thin air. (BBC)

However the mystery has been solved. Uri, allegedly fearing he would not get retrospective planning permission for the structure, has removed it and taken it to Jerusalem where it will somehow act as a "symbol of peace" in the occultus work that Uri is doing in respect of Israel and Palestine.

It appears that Uri is involved in a pivotal role with the Red Cross and an offshoot called Red Crystal, albeit there is minimal information on the latter other than from Uri's own site which contains images of him with various bigwigs and suchlike. As you can imagines crystals are involved in the process, whilst Uri appears to have deserted Lamb Island.

It's worth noting too, that there have been no further press reports concerning Neetinder Boparai, the lucky charity fundraiser who was walking along the towpath, training to climb Ben Nevis - Scotland's highest mountain, when she encountered Uri's statue unveiling and was presented with a bent golf club for her trouble. 

The closest I could come was Labour top-dog, Jeremy Corbyn, who allegedly skipped out of his Privy Council meeting with the Queen, where he was expected to kiss her hand, by visiting Fort William, specifically the Ben Nevis tavern, where he tucked into fish and chips before cycling in a red-striped tracksuit. (here)


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