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Saturday, 18 July 2015

Monsterous inc...

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 Last week's post - Figuring out Nazis and Jews 2015 - seems fairly prophetic given this weeks events.

Monday the 13th saw Prince William reach to the sky in his hew helicopter pilot role. It was the day after King Billy's Day - the Glorious 12th - but the "Irish" Loyalists don't celebrate the 12th if it falls on the "Sabbath" Sunday, rather, by order,  they wait till midnight before igniting their bonfires.

On Thursday, the mail on line reported on how comedian, revolutionary, and friend of David Icke, Russell Brand, surely stoked the fire by accusing one of his audience members of being a Nazi, only for the alleged victim to retort, "I'm Jewish". The image utilised in the report is up top, some consider Brand's "hand across the chest" pose to allude to freemasonry. Perhaps it does, perhaps not; however a couple of Brand's previous poses - the one with the skull and the one with the "revolution light bulb" - to me anyway, suggest that he is not all he seems. 

Friday's, The Independent, reports on the scaly-faced Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, and another of his infamous alleged slip-of-the-tongues; in this instance whilst visiting Chadwell Health Community Centre he reportedly asked a group of woman who they "sponge off". Most media outlets were full of it, however the image from the independent report  is best revealing, what with the ladies and the books. We have the snake book on the top shelf next to Philip, to it's right, closest to the blackest woman is, Rainforest. The turquoise book below (see David  Icke on Wogan) is titled "Genius !". It's unlikely in these, heavily manufactured, days that the books were simply randomly placed. It's well worth a gander.

Monday's media told  how H.M. will be having no more Corgi dogs in case they outlive her. 

Today all media has exploded with the story from the Sun regarding H.M. Queen, as a child, resplendent in tartan skirt, doing Hitler salutes at Scottish Balmoral. I don't normally do the "adding up the digits numerology" but 18/7/15 adds to 22, that old double eleven again. Anyway, it appears from media outlets that Nazi salutes were all the rage back then; nothing to be worried about.

It was 1933 that the Loch Ness monster stepped into the scene, after a "chance encounter" with a George Spicer who spied it running over the road on 22nd July (Prince George's birthday, Breivik's massacre date, Jean Charles da Silva e de Menezes death day, Pi as a fraction, one of the Tsarnaev brother's birthdays). Top occultist, Aleister Crowley, had vacated Loch Ness' Boleskine by then, no doubt having temporarily drained it dry of demons and suchlike, given both the frequency and alleged accuracy of his insatiable magickal rituals.

Someone else drained is Steve Feltham, Guinness Book of Records holder for the "longest continuous monster hunting vigil" of Loch Ness. On Friday it was reported that he has given up his quest having made the decision that the "monster" is a catfish, introduced by the Victorians into watercourses and suchlike for sport.

Something else the Victorian's dug was plants. They loved to introduce, alike the catfish, exotic species into their gardens, some with present day horrendous effects. The media this week has been full of stories (together with macabre images) of the results of contact with the imported giant hogweed plant.


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