Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Wednesday 6 May 2015


Many moons ago, if a child went missing, often fairies or other dimensional entities were held to blame. Another trick played by these creatures was to replace a healthy infant with a sickly one of their own - a changeling - the human parents then acting as unwitting "cuckoo" carers. It's worth musing over.

I wrote last month regarding the fairy hunt in Edinburgh's Royal Botanical Gardens, sparked by a Findhorn Foundation co-founder, Rosicrucian Robert Crombie's, alleged close encounters with a centaur and Pan at the same location.

The Centaur Spot. 

Apparently the search has been a success; although no actual fairies were encountered, "psychic vortices" and a potential portal to who knows where were located, via dowsing, by the hunters. (here)
 In my last post I noted once again the curious correlation between James "Joker" Holmes' Denver rampage and the 2012 Olympic torch descent into the Tower of London, where "the power and the significance of the Monarch resides". On Royal baby Charlottes' birth-day, the Edinburgh Evening News reported that Kate McCann, of Maddie fame, plans to lead a pack of 20 cyclists to the Tower in order to raise money for a missing persons charity. The procession is due to leave from Edinburgh's (King) Arthur's Seat, an extinct lion-like volcano which gazes over the Scottish Parliament and Royal Holyrood Palace. It's volcanic plug forms the rocky foundation for Edinburgh Castle and "it's" Stone of Destiny. 

The event will  begin on 13th June, exactly 3 years to the day after the Olympic Torch travelled from St. Andrews (where Kate and Wills allegedly met) to Edinburgh Castle. (Beachcombing)



aferrismoon said...

To keep them away from the baby one can put Rowan above the bed.


Newspaceman said...

Perhaps the Druid archbishop, Rowan Williams, who presided over their wedding or Mr. Bean Rowan, and his "satanic" (two points up) coffee cup poking out the "discarded" back pack at the Olympics would suffice ?