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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Dunblane, Marilyn Manson, 911, rituals

Sometimes I dip my toe into places I am not sure I really want to go.

I remarked on the untimely death of the press photographer, Gordon Jack, aged 47, who was covering Dunblane massacre survivor Andy Murray's wedding in my last post; he fell and hit his head on a gravestone at Dunblane Cathedral the day before the wedding, passing away the afternoon of the ceremony.

Yesterday's Daily Record reproduced a "few of his great shots" in his honour, in actual fact there were a total of twelve, ranging from Robbie Williams to Gordon Brown. Another from the chosen dozen was the image up top, it is of a boy called Luke Mitchell together with his mother, at the graveside of his girlfriend Jodi Jones. Some might consider the image to be a breach of their privacy.

Jodi was found murdered on 30/06/03 in Easthouses, Dalkeith, Midlothian. Her body was mutilated in a similar manner to that of the Black Dahlia murder in 1947. Apparently, Marilyn Manson took a great interest in the latter. Mitchell was, allegedly, a great fan of Manson which is partly, it appears, the reason he was convicted. Mitchell later was convicted of Jodi's murder and sentenced to 20 years imprisonment on 11th February 2005. Mitchell later appealed, this was refused on 2/2/11. wiki - Murder of Jodi Jones. Allegedly, many learned-individuals in the legal system believe Mitchell to be innocent of the murder.

Back in March last year I penned Marilyn Manson, Magick, Jodi Jones and the Clutha, noting therein Manson's preoccupation with James Shelby Downard's KK33 re the JFK assassination (a text on the sidebar which deals with twilight symbology and alchemy) and the fact that when the police helicopter crashed into the Clutha bar at exactly 22.22, it was allegedly returning from the aforementioned Easthouses area. Curiously, Marilyn Manson had played a concert in Glasgow exactly a year and a day prior to the Clutha disaster, in very close proximity. As I noted then, a year and a day has some merit in magickal circles.

Back in December last year I penned Mirrors, noting therein that the Glasgow refuse truck "disaster"  happened exactly 1221 days after the filming of a similar scene in the same locality for the movie World War Z. One might suggest that 1221 is a mirror of the number 12.

It's exactly 11 years, 9 months, and 11 days between Jodi's potentially sacrificial murder and the death of Gordon Jack. (here)



Anonymous said...

excellent post. magick weaved far in advance.

Newspaceman said...

Thank you; I surely only poke at the edge.