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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Elephants in the room

Yesterday, 3/3, disgraced Rolf Harris was stripped of his CBE by order of the Queen. Rolf previously painted her for her 80th birthday. It's a symbolic - kicking the elephant out the room - gesture by her majesty, on what might be considered a fairly symbolic date, numerically speaking. BBC News

A previous, similar, gesture by H.M., was that of Royal Bank of Scotland's, Fred Goodwin, his knighthood annulled on 01/02/12. The reader will recall how the Royal Bank allegedly nearly brought down the entire global economy and may want to consider some addition

Today, the BBC reports on how Fred's luxurious executive wing at the Royal Bank's headquarters in Edinburgh is to be transferred into a "business executive hub" for eighty budding entrepreneurs. One might consider that another elephant is being shown the door (here). Timeously,  the same state broadcaster also reports today that people's incomes have returned to "pre-crisis levels" (here).

Prince William met some Chinese elephants today and fed them carrots.  He talked about illegal wildlife trading, branding it  a"vicious form of criminality" that "erodes the rule of law, fuels conflict and may even fund terrorism".

Here @ newspaceman we consider Prince William to be the elephant in the room that is Scotland. We believe that Scotland is the masonic blueprint for the member states of the forthcoming New World Order of which William will be King. Top occulist, Aleister Crowley believed that Scotland (Loch Ness specifically) was the central point for various energies pertaining to the then imminent Aeon of Horus (the child).

If we consider that Crowley was correct, then it is worth noting how Scotland treats it's children :

Routine stop and search by the police on minors.

Every child to have a state appointed guardian - allegedly now from the womb.

Emphasis on "free" childcare so that both parents can return to employment and allow others to bring up their offspring. This will also allow them to get bigger mortgages, and thus pay more interest to the banks, although that's never explained by the MSM.

Yesterday's 3/3 Daily Express reported on a "sinister" plan by the Scottish Government to track children's movements by way of a swipe card, whilst giving them rewards for state approved behaviour such as "using public transport and eating healthy food". Obviously, over time, cards will get lost and a better system introduced. Then the children will have top marks.

Edinburgh's Elephant House



Anonymous said...

You'd think the Chinese would've learned the lesson.
See Willy's sly smile.

Anonymous said...

hope you are okay x

Newspaceman said...

Thanks Anon 12.29

@20.23 Am fine, just a mixture of many other things to do and disillusionment; the latter will pass. Going on a school trip next week to Holyrood and Edinburgh Castle which will no doubt spark something. Thanks


Anonymous said...

Its the only place as a child I misbehaved - something spooked my in Edinburgh castle or woke me out of my mutism. I was 4, in 1980. distinctly remember the staircase and armour.

I hope you enjoy and thanks again. Its tough to ingest the world at the moment. its dark powers fun times now for months. we have to conserve all our energies this time of year.
take care

Newspaceman said...

Thanks Anon.