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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Mirrors Part 2 - The Pitts of Hell ?

Back in December - Mirrors -  I noted how exactly 1221 days prior to the Glasgow refuse truck incident, copycat scenes from the movie World War Z, which was released for viewing on 21st June 2013, had been filmed at the same location. To me, the numbers are extremely suggestive, the occultish powers that be seem to thrive on 11's and 22's.

Note that the "incident" happened at 2.30pm on 22/12/2014, whilst the filming of the actual movie "refuse truck" scene took place on 19th August 2011.

From the mail on line I note that Brad Pitt arrived in Glasgow two days prior to this, i.e. the 17th : "When they arrived in Glasgow at 2.30pm, silver vehicles with tinted glass were allowed onto platform 11 to whisk them away from a waiting crowd."

Note that 2 days prior to Brad's arrival, i.e. the 15th, filming of the Glasgow  movie commenced according to BBC News.

If we go back in time, another mirror so to speak, 1221 days from then (here), we arrive at the date 11th April 2008.

I touched on the 11th April earlier this month, in connection with Andy Murray, William of Orange, The Dunblane Massacre, The Matrix, 1984, etc. (Bride of Frankenstein)

11th April 2008 (albeit a leap year) was the date that Prince William received his RAF wings (BBC)

21st June 2013 - the release date of World War Z - was Prince Williams 31st birthday. 
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