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Wednesday 5 September 2012

All the world's a stage

According to media reports, "hip hop superstar", Jay Z, is to perform along with Coldplay at the Paralympic closing ceremony this coming Sunday. It should be interesting, if we accept the "occult" references in his work and publicity, notwithstanding those of Coldplay which I briefly touched on here just a couple of posts ago, in relation to the 9/9 nationwide rendition of Viva la Vida.

Monday 10th sees a final Olympic athletes parade which Prince William is tipped to attend, just before he flies to Singapore with Kate, where on 11/9 (that's 911) in the Botanical Gardens, the royal couple will be afforded the honour of having an orchid named after each of them. (here)


Vigilant Citizen - Occult semi-subliminals of Jay Z

Top image from here.

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