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Thursday, 8 November 2007

BBC TV News - Wednesday 7/11

Fiona Bruce was back at hostess on last nights news at 10, we commenced with war and the story that "a British soldier killed in Iraq might well be alive if he had the correct equipment". No mention was made of the fact that he would have been alive if their was no war. Instead we heard how the unfortunate Gordon Gentile was blown up by a roadside bomb, of missing MOD files and a clerical error. We saw his tearful mother make a statement before we were treated to a computer graphic simulation of a Landrover "emitting" electronic waves which would locate any explosive devices. It was this wave making equipment that was missing, lying in a warehouse nearby seemingly. Talk to close was of whether this could have been prevented and of "chickens coming home to roost".

An 18 year old student has gone on the rampage in Finland, shooting eight before turning the gun on himself. It appears that he ran through a school shouting "this is the start of the revolution" before and during his onslaught. He had posted a yourtube video at some point, showing him with his weapon, it seems he had also spoken of Hitler and Stalin and his own "hatred for the human race". Obvious parallels were drawn with Columbine High in the USA.

A special report next on a BBC shopping trip to Europe to see how easy it was to procure a handgun. We travelled to the Czechs capital Prague where our intrepid reporter had arranged to meet with a shady ex pat, going by the name of Mr Moon. Unfortunately, Mr Moon made no appearance so our reporter instead went to a shop and bought a starting pistol "which could easily be converted into a real weapon" and then smuggled it back to the UK, commenting on the absence of customs officials. Back in the UK we saw an interview with an anonymous hooded individual with a disguised voice. He told how it was easier to buy a gun than chocolate before we saw a mass of black and white photographs of gun crime victims.

Pakistan - President Bush has personally phoned their president about the situation. We saw George and then images of the social unrest.

The Olympic dream - sports reporter Mihir Bose was on hand to show us the "vision of the stadium", "no ordinary stadium", talk was of a legacy,, meaning a future use for the facility after the 2012 event. Pastel coloured flying smarties were in abundance through this animated graphic representation of the new complex. To close, reference was made to Sydney and Athens stadia, now sadly underused; "the world has moved on" we were assured. The video clip is available at the link

Coming up - top policeman and quit row

First though, petrol has topped £1 a litre. We heard from BBC economist Evan Davies, he simplified it all, utilisng painted stacked oil drums to demonstrate how this price increase has occured. It seems China have a "thirst for oil" and that the "dollar is sinking like a stone", oil being priced in dollars.

There will be a thorough investigation into the deaths of the fireman at the warehouse inferno last week. We saw images of the deceased, again black and white images were used to represent those who have passed away. We saw relatives, including wives and girlfriends, obviously very emotional.

As promised, next was Sir Ian Blair, chief of the Metropolitan police, we saw him answering questions to a panel of individuals, the London Assembly, many seemed to be of the impression that he should quit. He told how they did not have "the power to remove" him from his position so I suppose that is that.


To close, another old soldier was wheeled out as part of the BBC rememberance day special reports. Tonight we saw William, aged 107, a Royal Navy veteran of both world wars.



33_hertz said...

Hi Newspaceman. Thanks for another fine report.
Did you notice that Ellis Taylor posted the start of a blog entry about the Finnish school shooting today? Interesting reading.

aferrismoon said...

A Mr. Moon, certainly not me. I'm the poor artist type making chocolate assault rifles. I'm sure u can get guns here, they make Semtex here. Israeli Organised crime see no prob in lobbing grenades at each other, and there is hunting here. Some security guards are less than responsible and a few years ago some Slovaks shot at a group of English fans who refused to leave the pub.