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Friday, 2 November 2007

BBC TV News Review - Thursday 1st November

We commenced with the conviction of the Metropolitan Police on health and safety related issues for the shooting of Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes who they mistook for a terrrorist in 2005. We saw another reconstruction of events including many images from CCTV and then an interview with a passenger on the tube who had witnessed the bloody conclusion, including the six shots to the head. Calls have been made for the resignation of Met chief Sir Ian Blair although it seems this is thought highly unlikely. This was a long, action packed feature.

Coincidentally, a man has been extradited from Somalia and returned to the UK to face charges over the murder of policewoman Sharon Beshenivsky in Bradford, again in 2005.

The ongoing issue of immigration followed, we heard yet again of our escalating population - "every sixty seconds another migrant comes to live here", and of the resulting pressures on health, housing and educational services. To illustrate the latter we saw some migrant children speaking in pigeon English to a reporter in a primary school.

Coming up- The great Northern Rock bail out.

First though, we heard more about our hospitals, this time in respect of dirt loving virus', MRSA AND C-Diff. We saw an enlarged microscopical slide of these diseases, frighteningly, MRSA seems to resemble a section of citrus fruit when sliced and, perhaps even more significantly for our illeducated children, a few C-Diff cells jumbled together looks remarkably like a portion MacDonalds fries. It seems though that our Health Service is cleaning up its act and cases are now falling.

Health again, heart operations have been suspended at Papworth hospital due to safety concerns. It seems that a large proportion of recent operations have been unsuccessful.

United States politics next, puportedly anyway. We saw candidate Rudolph Guniari, who seeminlgy has just recovered from prostate cancer and has commented that he was glad he was not treated in the UK, becuase the success rate is only 44% as opposed to the American 82%. He appeared to place the blame at the door of "socialised medication", in other words our NHS. We closed by seeing a clip of US TV, where a man had cut his fingers off with a saw and had no insurance. It seemed that he had to make a decision, $60,000 to save his middle finger, or $12,000 for his ring digit.

Martina Hignis. lady tennis player, has tested positive for cocaine at the last Wimbledon. We were told that she denied taking the drug but has resigned from tennis anyway.

As promised, the Northern Rock bank, it seems that the have now borrowed an astonishing 20 billion pounds from the Bank of England in order to "bail them out". We heard from BBC economic editor Robert Peston, who told us more and pointed out that the NR was now almost a nationalised company now. Perhaps all the banks will eventually be nationalised - is this just not the start of the game plan ?

Gerry McCann, the father of missing child Madeleine, has declared himself fit for work and returned to his well paid job with the Health Service. We saw him reading a statement, he spoke of having an infrastructure and support network in place.

Last up, the "brainbow" - still with health - we heard how scientists have discovered a way to colour cells within the brain in order to progress their understanding of its workings. A link is provided to the written article for those interested.
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