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Saturday, 3 November 2007

BBC News Review 2nd November

Education standards were the first topic last night on the news at 10, hostess Fiona Bruce told how our government have squandered five hundred million pounds on a failed attempt to improve literacy within schools, with standards "little better than the '50's". Obviously they contest these allegations, saying that that in fact standards are at "an all time high". We saw a primary school with some little children reading then some further debate before turning to the potentially "damaging" political ramifications of this.

A lady police officer is in a critical condition after being hit by a vehicle near Heathrow Airport, apparently after trying to apprehend the occupants. We saw images of the scene and vehicle.

The man extradited from Somalia in respect of the murder of the police woman in Bradford two years ago, has been remanded in custody, awaiting trial.

108 soldiers from the United Nations peace keeping force located in Haiti have been accused on running some sort of prostitution or sexual abuse racket. Images were shown of third world squalor before we heard of 2007 Ivory Coast, 2006 Liberia, 2005 Congo, these all being related examples of this type of behaviour.

Our Government Immigration Minister, Liam Byrne, has been fined £100 for using a mobile phone whilst driving.

Floods in Mexico followed - "the worst in 50 years" - we saw a large map of Mexico, the affected area Tabasco, was coloured in hot chille red, the background in chille green. We cut to images of individuals "swimming for their lives" and using makeshift boats, "anything that floats" our reporter told, "even doors". Comparisons were made to New Orleans, it seems that "most of the state is underwater".

Coming up - Rat Race - Mouse Race

First though we heard of the ongoing global economic crisis , seasonally, "the markets are falling like leaves off the trees". It seems that America "fuels the rest of the world" and because it is struggling, so are the rest of us. This report was quite long and didnt really tell us anything new.

A 22 year old girl, Merideth Kercher, has been found murdered in Italy where she was studying. Her throat had been cut.

German terrorists followed, worries that Germans are being radicalised into Islam. We saw some Germans playing American Fottball, apparently one of the team turned out to be a terrorist. It seems that he was "just like any other teenager, a bit sullen perhaps". Talk moved on to al-Quaeda and a jihad against the West then we met with an ex boxer, Pierre Vogel. Pierre has converted to a Muslim faith and we saw him "encouraging others" and speaking of his beliefs before closing with images of him praying to a background of religious chanting.

To close, the amazing story of the genetically modified mouse, a "real life mighty mouse" as it has been christened by god-aspiring scientists. An experiment was shown, two mice on a treadmill, one mutated, the other was normal. The latter was "exhausted after only 0.2km", the mutant managed an astonishing 4.9km before it collapsed. A professor chap told us not to worry about "genetically enhanced humans", this was more about working out muscle structure. This whole feature was presented in a light hearted, jovial manner, to close we heard it would "run and run". The link is provided to the video report, I beg readers to watch it. Most disturbing.


Blind leading the blind ?


aferrismoon said...

The One - eyed rodent is king
Such is TV , or the view the camera takes.
Remember to sit the boy in front of the computer before the telly, active audio-visual before inactive. Mind you, it'd have to be childproof
Whoops sound like a child bringer-upper expert.
I see 108 again
Have fun, no worries about lack of comments

33_hertz said...

Courtesy of Alan Watt:

"Ode To A (Super)Mouse, by Robert Burns:
But Mousie, thou art no thy-lane,
In proving foresight may be vain:
The best laid schemes o' Mice an' Men,
Gang aft agley,
An' lea'e us nought but grief an' pain,
For promis'd joy!"

Greetings Newspaceman, hope you are getting at least 2 hours of sleep a night as a result of the new arrival to the family.

Newspaceman said...

Thanks to both, creating lifestyle chaos, might get better soon, he doesnt really do much at the moment.

Burns anniversary of some description in 2009, plus a gathering of the clans - prince charles is top boy.