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Monday, 5 November 2007

BBC TV News - Sunday 4th November

There was no Antiques Roadshow last night, the slot being filled by with a show called In Living Memory - Remembering soldiers lost in service since 1945, this programme tells their heroic stories through moving testimony, personal archive, family recollections and first-hand accounts. I gave it a miss.

The BBC news however was on as usual, around half seven, presented by Jane Hill. Our first story covered was that of of Pakistan where a state of emergency has been imposed by the ruling government. Hundreds of opposition supporters have been arrested, we heard of "law and order, harmony, and pillars of state" plus fears of "damage to the stability" of the country.

The huge warehouse fire in Atherstone on Stoure followed, four firemen dead, we saw helicopter images of the aftermath before visiting a church nearby which is "always open for prayers".

Conservative candidate Nigel Hastilow has resigned in the wake of his heavily criticised endorsment of Enoch Powell's immigration policy, telling that he has "more freedom to express his views as a journalist", this being his main occupation. Read this the other way round, what impression does it give of journalists. We heard more about the race issue and that we "need to talk about it sensibly".

Our Home Office is attempting to raise the limit on detention without criminal charge in cases of suspected terrorism, from 28 to 56 days.

Tutankhamun followed, his body has been exhumed and placed in a "climate controlled" glass case for the public to look at. We heard of the Valley of the Kings and the Pharoes before glimpsing a black mummified corpse, "the most famous of them all". The video link is provided.

Last up was the story of the possible "kidnap" of 103 children in Chad by a charity going by the name of Zoe's Ark. It seems that in the manner of Madonna, some French people have purchased these children in the mistaken belief that they are orphans from Darfur. In fact it appears that they may be from Chad and not orphans at all, the problem is that they are too young to understand what has happened to them or to know where they came from. French President Nicolas Sarkozy personally flew to Chad to secure the release of some of the abductors, they told how the remainder were niave, not criminals.

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