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Saturday, 10 November 2007

BBC TV News Friday 9/11

Fiona Bruce was hostess on the news at 10 last night and we began with details of fears over the safety of the Nimrod reconnaissance aeroplane used by our Royal Air Force. One of these type of aitrcraft exploded in mid air last September killing all 14 crew, another incident has now occured after fuel was spotted leaking into the bomb bay during a flight on Monday. We saw images of the planes in operation along with a computer simulation graphic, it seems thei time could be up, "fourty years old - why still in service" seems to be the question being asked. In the interim, air to air refueling of these vehicles has been suspended.

Pakistan - "another day of turmoil" we heard of the house arrest of Bhutto and saw images of "protestors" being beated with sticks and similar by the police and government supporters.

It seems that "it is not going to be the great flood of 2007" in reference to the storm and surge warnings of the previous 36 hours or so. We viewed images of waves crashing against a sea wall and heard of a "hair's breadth." It looked more like a hare's length to me. Some surfers were shown being airlifted, sonehow caught unaware by the rising "surge" or perhaps intending to ride it. We closed by seeing evacuated families in converted school gymnasiums. Boy who called wolf ?

It seems that a court hearing will be held over potentially fraudulent dealings between BAE Systems and Saudi Arabia in respect of military hardware supplies; in particular Tornado and Hawk fighter jets.

Manfo Asiedo has admitted conspiracy to cause explosions in the 21/7 London bombings and will be sentenced on the 19th of November. We saw images of him purchasing nitrogen peroxide in bulk but heard that he backed out of the actual bombing and left his device in a bush in a public park. It seems that he also planned to blow up a tower block although these plans never got off the ground.

Coming up - a change in speeding penalties/bans for driving

First though, Glasgow has won the bid to host the 2014 Commonwealth Games. We saw jubilant weedgies celebrating in their own inimitable style, drinking buckfast tonic wine and slashing each other with razors. Liz McColgan, the famous Scottish athlete, told how the three hundred million pounds was money well spent, especially if it meant that Scotland won a couple of medals. And the social deprivation, the drug abuse, the spiritual malaise which abounds and infest our society - what of these afflictions. Methadone ?

A 13 year old boy has been arrested in connection with the death of the man who's corpse was found charred in the ashes of a bonfire.

A judge in Italy has remanded the three individuals accused of the murder of Merideth Kercher in custody after hearing the evidence. We saw images of them and heard of "bloody evidence" and "raped, beaten, and left to die".

The fertility doctor, who was named and shamed over shady practices by the BBC Panorama programme and the news, has been cleared of any wrongdoing by the overseeing medical body.

As promised, the proposals to changes in the speeding laws, it sems that penalties may be increased in the more serious cases given that a high ratio of drivers are "refusing to slow down." We saw an advert where a child told of the damage caused on impact at a speed of 40mph should a car hit him. It seems that half of us regularly break the speed limit.

Horse racing, "neck and neck" in the jockeys championship. We heard of the two contenders and of their personal efforts to ensure that they win the title this year. A map of the UK was displayed to show us of their travels.

To close, Henry Allingham, aged 111, the last of the veterans' stories - wheeled to France by the BBC.

Methadone - Scotland's common wealth

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