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Wednesday, 28 November 2007

BBC TV News -Tues 27th November

Huw Edwards was our host on the news at 1o last night, we hurried into the first feature, that of donations to the Labour Party by David Abrahams, a wealthy and reclusive businessman from the North East of England. It seems that since yesterday, more shennanigans have been uncovered in terms of bogus donors, Mr Abraham freely admits using other individuals indentities to invest contributions to Labour and says he did not think it was illegal, a major problem with this strategy appears to be that some of the people he used to front his financial backing were totally unaware of his dealings. We heard from BBC political editor Nick Robinson and saw Gordon Brown avoiding straight answers at a press conference.

The Middle East summit has started with George W Bush acting as mediator between Israel and Palestine in order to attempt to broker some sort of peace strategy which will involve creating a Palestinian State. The two leaders and Bush were pictured shaking hands, however we heard of 1967 and viewed images of a HAMAS inspired rally on the West Bank, the participants are seemingly none to keen on any arrangement being made. To close we were reminded that "the consequences of failure could be very grave". As in mass one assumes.

Next up, the General Medical Council have decided that paediatrician Dr David Southall "abused his position" after accusing a mother of drugging and hanging her 10 year old son who it seems took his own life. We saw the esteemed Doctor, he seemed unconcerned, before we heard more of his previous behavour, which was of the same standard. We will find out today what further action will be taken against him.

Coming up - Are £100 laptops the way out of Africa's deprivation. - images of cute African children

First though, rioting in France, we heard of the previous night's disturbances and saw the usual images of buring cars and petrol bombs before hearing of fears of more trouble. Mention was made of the ongoing national strikes. We had a coloured reporter for this feature although we heard (and saw) that "journalists are not trusted".

Our postal workers have accepted a pay offer, 6.9% over 2 years. It seems though that they have agreed to "modernisation", so we will no doubt see all new starts on temporary contracts with no pension rights - plus the use of more casual staff on an ad hoc basis. For example, one could be laid off on Christmas Eve and then restarted on say the 11th of January, the gap period unpaid. This event happened to your author, maybe eight years ago. That is the way of the New Global Order, soon the majority will be employed in this Dickensian manner.

As promised - "Are £100 laptops the best answer to poverty and lack of opportunity" was our opening gambit as a procession of Nigerian children passed by, heading for school and clutching plastic "laptops". It seems by the blackboard that they are taught English and our reporter took a seat in the class, opening his laptop and showing us few of the features, including, bizzarely I thought, a camera. We did however hear from another individual, another doctor, his name far too long to write down, he told how yes, laptops were great, but what about "seats, uniforms, facilities. "
This is the same story but a different feature for those interested

Sport next, first a drugs tainted athlete, followed by a greed tainted manager, Alex McLeish,who resigned from his job with the Scotland football club. He did the same thing when he managed Hibernian, and to be honest it was no great loss, I thought he was shite and mearly reaped the harvest left by Frank Sauzee, a Frenchman with sublime skill.(and morals). We got the European results to close.

Last up, the film, the Golden Compass, based on the book Northern Lights by Philip Pullman. Unfortuantely, I have not read the book so cannot comment; however we heard of criticism by the Catholic League and a basic plot rundown about a sinister behind the scenes entity of some description. You can read about it here, , or watch the clip here


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