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Thursday, 15 November 2007

BBC TV News - Wednesday 14th November

The new "anti-terror laws" were the first topic covered on the News at 10 last night. Presenter Huw Edwards told how Gordon Brown had unveiled his proposals to the Commons. It seems that Gordon fears future terrorist attacks will be targeted on cinemas, sports arenas , train stations and similar public facilities. Measures will include preventative objects such as barriers to negate the threat of a drive-in bombing; Glasgow Airport being given as an example of the threat we constantly face. Reference was also made to the 7th July (7/7) London bombings as a reminder of what can happen and that the aim here is to "make life more difficult for the terrorists" by means of the legislation.

We cut to Nick Robinson to hear of another Government wish, that suspected terrorists could be detained for 58 days without charge, rather than the current 28. Attention was drawn to our Minister for Security, Admiral, now Lord, West , who yesterday appeared to have almost instantaneously changed his views on the subject after firstly stating on a BBC morning radio show in which he stated that he was "not convinced" of the need for the new measures, then,shortly after meeting the Prime Minister, seemingly endorsing the need wholeheartedly. When questioned on this apparent reversal in thinking, Lord West advised that had had not chosen his words carefully enough when speaking on the radio programme. Furthermore, he claimed to be only a "simple sailor", perhaps out of his depth was the insinuation. I would treat that last statement with a slice of salty beef, you can read his impressive crudentials here.

The body of a missing Scottish girl, Vicky Hamilton, has been found buried at a house in Margate, once owned by a creature going by the name of Peter Tobin. The police were searching for another missing girl at the time, although Tobin was charged with the muder of Vicky a number of months ago. We saw helicopter images of the police digging up the garden and the makeshift grave in an old sandpit.

The fire which killed 7, as reported yesterday, has been confirmed as having been started deliberately, petrol having been poured through the letterbox. Again we saw images of the charred remains of the house.

The Bank of England have forecast a "bumpy year" ahead, we heard from Economics guru Evan Davies, who enthusiastically warned that things could get tight in the months to come. Evan utilised aviation based metaphors throughout this feature, telling how the BoE were "steering a course", through "clouds of uncertainty" until somehow "heading back to the cockpit". The feature was illustrated with the illustrations from an aircraft evacuation instruction leaflet - heading for the exits, life jackets, evacuation etc. Perhaps apt symbolism in these terrorist infested times ?

22,000 turkeys will be culled now in the wake of the recent H5N1 bird flu outbreak. It seems that there are fears of cross contamination between two farms due to shared staff. We saw images of a gaggle of free range geese in a field along with a murder of crows who perched amonsgt them, in search of easy pickings. The inference was that the crows are wild and yet freely intermingling with captive, table destined birds.

Convicted sex offender and celebrity, Chris Langham, yesterday had his sentence reduced on appeal and was released on parole.

Cricketer Imran Khan has been arrested in Pakistan after attempting to speak to a rally of students. It seems that the Pakistani ruling authority have detained him under anti-terror laws and view him as a terrorist. We heard an update of the situation, we seem to be waiting.

Coming up - 1000's of French workers hit the streets.

First though, more fantastic news on the animal creation front. Scientists have managed to clone a monkey in America, we saw a long feature on how this was done and the hopes that it can one day somehow help to treat humans in some manner. But we cant even treat the ones here properly. It's like deciding to build a shed, then always thinking bigger, eventually you have plans for a skyscraper, yet you havent even got the tools out the bag for the intital project. It is quite disturbing, the way the concept is sold to us and they way that the poor animal is seen as a tool, you can see the feature here

A feature on the Euro Star train, or so it seemed, again we heard of St Pancreas, a favourite destination for the BBC. There has apparently been a "surge" in demand for European train travel. However, we were told that there was no point getting it today because the French were on strike. We then cut to Paris to see a man parking his bicycle, yet without onions. He told of his outrage and of the dated working practices employed by the rail service, retiring at 50 was the given example. I understood these type of more relaxed working conditions to be knows as Spanish, rather than French practices, however the implication is the same as with our posties strike -- that they are outdated and are not cost effective in todays new world. Why does the cycling Frenchman wish to be a slave and to live in slave conditions ? Surely he has a mental disease or disorder ? I feel the French are worth watching, it will be interesting to see how the authorities react to the unrest which is surely inevitable, given the events of last year.

Breaking news just in- another soldier killed in Afghanistan

To close, we heard of the Hugh Grant owned Warhol painting of Liz Taylor which was sold at auction by Christie's yesterday. Quite a long feature, art prices semingly escalating rapidly at present - "a global passion".


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