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Friday, 16 November 2007

BBC TV News - Thursday 15/11

Barry George was first up on the news at 10 last night, his conviction for the murder of TV presenter Jill Dando has been quashed by the High Cout and as such, Mr George will face a retrial. We heard some brief details and a reminder of the celebrity friends of Jill, including sixties crooner, everyoung Cliff Richard.

Next up was Peter Tobin, as reported yesterday, he appeared at Linlithgow court in connection with the death of the schoolgirl Vicky Hamilton. Images of outside the courtroom were shown as emotions boiled over, we cut to the garden where her body was buried to hear of ongoing searches. The BBC graphic department had been busy, we saw a pointless 3D virtual reconstruction of the garden in which a shed was dismantled and taken away. To close we heard of other unsolved murders, reference was made to the Bible John cases whilst black and white images of the victims were shown.

Lord Phillips has advised that our prisons are overcrowded and in chaos. He blamed our Government for this and accused them of interfering in matters they knew little about, namely the sentencing of prisoners although, quite frankly, they appear to know little about anything that matters.

Foreign secretary David Milliband was next up, speaking in Bruges about an expansion to the European Union. We saw Milliband at work, what baffles me is this new talking with their hands concept that most politicians appear to have adopted and know so much about. It is so obviously contrived that it is an insult to one's intelligence. Anyway, he talked and gesticulated about a "model of international co-operation", you can read more about this interesting concept here.

Next, a harrowing feature about state run mental hospitals in Serbia. We saw the prerequisite infants rocking backwards and forwards, older children tied to their beds and a group of deranged adults, some pacing backwards and forwards. This is not the first time we have seen these type of images, nor I fear will it be the last. We are living in a cuckoo's nest anyway, you dont have to travel far to see insane people wherever you live.

Coming up - special feature roadside bombs Afghansitan.

First though, we saw radical cleric Abu Hamza, the story being that permission was granted for his extradition to America to face terrorist charges, namely "helping al-Quaeda". We saw the radical rascal ranting, he spoke of Islam and its greatness. Images were shown of the detention centre in the US that he will be sent to, a "modern day Alcatraz" we were assured. One wonders if their would be much chance of Abu escaping as he only has one arm and uses a hook, in the manner of the famous Captain. We closed with talk of supergrasses and a hundred stretch.

Our government have abandoned plans to transfer sections of the NHS to the private sector. No information was supplied as to what the actual plans were.

The solider killed in Afghanistan yesterday was named as Capt John McDermid which allowed us to move into the promised roadside bomb feature. We heard more of this "change of tactics" and got to see a bomb being safely detonated. It seems that "this is a different insurgency to Iraq", or so a high ranking soldier told us and we closed by hearing of the "battle to win people over" and "an unseen enemy".

Barclays Bank, we heard of their less than expected write off provision after the credit crunch.

Lebanon, a long feature, worries of civil war, mention was made of Syria, images were shown of destruction including blown up bridges, obiously there are worries over more conflict.

Good news, a Russian lady has had quintiplets in Oxford. Images were shown of a baby in an incubator.

Last up, it seems that diposable plastic bags are to be banned in London. Various members of the public were asked what they would do, most seemed bemused at the question. A group of dogooders were highlighted. These characters spent time making home made bags then swapped them with passers by for plastic ones, thus somehow helping to save the planet.


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