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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Magick, aliens, Loch Ness

Interesting story in today's Scotland on Sunday concerning an "alien Jesus cult" - The Aetherius Society - who have, since the 1970's, owned a property on the banks of Loch Ness in order that they may communicate with benevolent aliens in times of "crisis" for mankind. Apparently the cult feel that Loch Ness is an "energy centre" and that Jesus was an extra-terrestrial being

Alien Jesus cult has secret Loch Ness base

Someone else who believed Loch Ness was a focal point of energies was Aleister Crowley, hence his acquisition of Boleskin House to conduct magickal experiments. Crowley also undertook later"experiments" elsewhere where he allegedly contacted an entity called LAM, who looks remarkably like the typical "grey alien" we are familiar with.

Off topic, or perhaps not, Glasgow's Clutha Bar which was destroyed after the police helicopter hit it at 22.22 on 29/11/13 - exactly a year and a day after Marilyn Manson peformed his Antichrist Superstar concert close by - has reopened, exactly three days after the enquiry into the similarly spooky "Bin Lorry" incident Fatal Accident Enquiry commenced. (Reflections)

Marilyn Manson, magick, Jodi Jones and the Clutha


Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Last December we saw the Glasgow refuse truck incident, a matter which appeared to be somewhat connected with the movie World War Z; not just because a very similar scene had been filmed at the same location in the same city, but rather because it was exactly 1221 days from the film recording. The digits 1221 and patterns of such appear to pop up magickally in, let's say, occult circles.  


Today is 22nd July, a date which crops up frequently in occult circles too - perhaps because it relates to Pythagoras (22/7). It's exactly 212 days since the Glasgow "incident" and the legal Fatal Accident Enquiry into events began today.

From the Daily Record's Glasgow "bin lorry" Fatal Accident Enquiry - Latest Updates @2.30pm:

Matthew Telford, a member of the lorry crew, is first to take the stand. 

"Recalling the moment he realised something was wrong, Telford says: "I felt the vehicle slightly veer to the left, I would say at about Tam Shepherd's joke shop.

William helps the sheep Zeig Heil
"I turned to Mr Clarke, and I said to him, 'what are you doing Harry?' and that point he slumped to the left, closer to me. No response. ". "For a very brief moment I thought he was having a carry on because it didn't seem right to me."

Tam Shepherd's Joke and Trick Shop is located at 33 Queen Street. The left hand "path" speaks for itself whilst Tam is the coloquial, shortened, form of Thomas, which itself derives from "twin".

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Monsterous inc...

Turquoise trainers @

 Last week's post - Figuring out Nazis and Jews 2015 - seems fairly prophetic given this weeks events.

Monday the 13th saw Prince William reach to the sky in his hew helicopter pilot role. It was the day after King Billy's Day - the Glorious 12th - but the "Irish" Loyalists don't celebrate the 12th if it falls on the "Sabbath" Sunday, rather, by order,  they wait till midnight before igniting their bonfires.

On Thursday, the mail on line reported on how comedian, revolutionary, and friend of David Icke, Russell Brand, surely stoked the fire by accusing one of his audience members of being a Nazi, only for the alleged victim to retort, "I'm Jewish". The image utilised in the report is up top, some consider Brand's "hand across the chest" pose to allude to freemasonry. Perhaps it does, perhaps not; however a couple of Brand's previous poses - the one with the skull and the one with the "revolution light bulb" - to me anyway, suggest that he is not all he seems. 

Friday's, The Independent, reports on the scaly-faced Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, and another of his infamous alleged slip-of-the-tongues; in this instance whilst visiting Chadwell Health Community Centre he reportedly asked a group of woman who they "sponge off". Most media outlets were full of it, however the image from the independent report  is best revealing, what with the ladies and the books. We have the snake book on the top shelf next to Philip, to it's right, closest to the blackest woman is, Rainforest. The turquoise book below (see David  Icke on Wogan) is titled "Genius !". It's unlikely in these, heavily manufactured, days that the books were simply randomly placed. It's well worth a gander.

Monday's media told  how H.M. will be having no more Corgi dogs in case they outlive her. 

Today all media has exploded with the story from the Sun regarding H.M. Queen, as a child, resplendent in tartan skirt, doing Hitler salutes at Scottish Balmoral. I don't normally do the "adding up the digits numerology" but 18/7/15 adds to 22, that old double eleven again. Anyway, it appears from media outlets that Nazi salutes were all the rage back then; nothing to be worried about.

It was 1933 that the Loch Ness monster stepped into the scene, after a "chance encounter" with a George Spicer who spied it running over the road on 22nd July (Prince George's birthday, Breivik's massacre date, Jean Charles da Silva e de Menezes death day, Pi as a fraction, one of the Tsarnaev brother's birthdays). Top occultist, Aleister Crowley, had vacated Loch Ness' Boleskine by then, no doubt having temporarily drained it dry of demons and suchlike, given both the frequency and alleged accuracy of his insatiable magickal rituals.

Someone else drained is Steve Feltham, Guinness Book of Records holder for the "longest continuous monster hunting vigil" of Loch Ness. On Friday it was reported that he has given up his quest having made the decision that the "monster" is a catfish, introduced by the Victorians into watercourses and suchlike for sport.

Something else the Victorian's dug was plants. They loved to introduce, alike the catfish, exotic species into their gardens, some with present day horrendous effects. The media this week has been full of stories (together with macabre images) of the results of contact with the imported giant hogweed plant.


Friday, 10 July 2015

Figuring out Nazis and Jews c2015 -

Last week saw an interesting article in the Daily Record concerning "Nazi" flags which have been erected in Northern Ireland just shortly before the "Glorious 12th", it's marches and  reverence to  William of Orange and the Protestant "religion". The image is above, apparently the flag is in juxtaposition with paramilitary flags, the Union (jack) flag and an "American" confederate flag; the latter being almost simultaneously removed from locations in the USA given the Dylan Roof business.

Curiously, sometimes the Star of David is flown by the same "groups" as indeed it is by the English Defence League, an organisation allegedly against immigration and Islamisation who's ex-leader and founder, "Tommy Robinson", has previously met up with American, Pamela Geller, and her Zionist crew. 

It appears difficult to make sense of.

Back in 2014, the BBC reported on, The day the entire German fleet surrendered, taking us back to 10 days after eleven eleven 1918 Armistice Day and telling how Operation ZZ saw the climax of the "battle for the seas", the German fleet escorted into Scotland's Firth of Forth estuary. On 22/11/18, the war would be ended. 22/11 is a date worth musing over.

Last week saw another article appear in the Daily Record concerning the "surrender" of 33 "Nazi" U-boats in 1945, this time on the west coast of Scotland, precisely Loch Eriboll  . A historian, David Hird, is "updating" his book on the matter over the next few months, though from the article we glean that a top Nazi with "extreme right wing views", Fregattenkapitan Ottoheinrich Junker, demanded that he be taken to London on the Flying Scotsman as the capitulation (surrender of the U-boats) was a ruse to enable Germany and the Allies to jointly wage war on Russia. It appears that Junker was misled, one can imagine he acted, and obeyed, on order. The article's last sentence states: "Eventually, 121 of the 154 surrendered subs were scuttled in deep water off Lisahally, Northern Ireland, or Loch Ryan, Wigtownshire, in late 1945 and early 1946". 121 is 11x11, 154-121=33.

Is that a shadow in the window ?
Remember that 4 years prior to the Junker tale, Hitler's right hand man, Hess, was "captured" here in Scotland after allegedly flying from Germany "to reach the Duke of Hamilton, who he believed had sufficient political clout to help him negotiate peace with the United Kingdom." ...

..."Mr McVicar said less than an hour later, people started to gather at the Busby HQ of the Home Guard - now Busby Masonic Lodge - because they had heard Hess was being brought there" BBC

Scotland is the "home/root" of (current) freemasonry and it's magical rituals.

Last Sunday saw Kate 'n Wills christen adorable baby Charlotte, after her transportation in an old-school pram. "Crowds" gathered, well-wishers clutching flowers were lucky with the weather. Adorable toddler George was attired in white with a red thread;  a similar style to that of his Dad, back in 1984 with his virgin visit to little brother Harry.

During the week, Testino's images of the event were released. Diana dug Testino.

During the London Olympic opening ceremony, the one with the terrified children and the futuristic techno-subserviant outlook, many of the performers opted for a "red thread" thing. Or maybe it was just me ?

Hey Jude ? ?
Whilst one of the "Monkeys" opted for an "Orangeman's" sash ?


Saturday, 4 July 2015

Scaredy Cats

Last Friday, I covered a small variety of topics, a trio of which - Lionsgate, Tunisia and Lockerbie - reared their ugly heads again in the seven days since.

Beginning with movie-maker Lionsgate;  apparently "they" have courted controversy in respect of a promotional advertisement concerning a forthcoming movie called London has Fallen, in which depicts  England's capital city as the setting for a terrorist versus world leaders mini-war. It seems that the timing of the promotion has left a bitter taste in some quarters given the proximity to 7/7. (Daily Record). We saw the same quite recently with Ninja Turtles and 911.

This week also saw a drill in respect of "an imminent", allegedly, forthcoming terrorist attack on London. Blood drenched crisis actors were in abundance, however the aforementioned "bitter tastes" seemed curiously bland in respect of this portrayal, after all, it's to keep us safe.

A minutes silence for the Tunisia victims today in the U.K., H.M Queen doing her bit alongside Philip at Glasgow's Strathclyde University. Also in Scotland yesterday, in the capital where HM is ritually residing this week, an attempt by the victims' relatives to appeal the alleged Lockerbie bomber, Megrahi's, conviction was dismissed under Scots Law (a curious Roman/nautical/Biblical  hybrid) :

Delivering their judgment, Lord Carloway said the law was "not designed to give relatives of victims a right to proceed in an appeal for their own or the public interest". BBC

Down in England in the Houses of Parliament, the Scottish National Party's "power" looks like it may soon be diluted. The bill is called EVEL, talk is of a second referendum for Scottish independence - whatever that means in the forthcoming, money driven, new world order. I've made my own thoughts clear previously.

Whilst sticking with Scotland, it was obviously a slow-news-day yesterday, the mail on line reporting that Prince William, who has recently turned 33, took aRyan air flight to Glasgow. (here)

Whilst to close, today's BBC reports that Princess Charlotte will be baptised tomorrow using "special water" from the river Jordan. Apparently the liquid has a "spiritual" connotation given that the wandering tribes of Israel crossed into the Promised Land at the spot. Make of that what you will.


Friday, 26 June 2015

Hogwash ?

Prince Charles's investiture as Prince of Wales at Caernarfon Castle. On the plume, between the dragons, it states Ich Dien, German for I serve.

We saw "concentration camps" highlighted in the media earlier this week when Marcus Dell and Ben Thompson of the exclusive and expensive  Perse School, located in Cambridge, were caught stealing artifacts from Auschwitz. (here) The school crest which appears to contain 3 dragons is below, the school motto is "He who does things for others does them for himself". Prince William, who turned 33 on the sun drenched summer solstice on Sunday, is known as the Duke of Cambridge.

I'll make an assumption that the bird on top is a stork, a "bringer of babies"

This morning HM Queen visited Germany's Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. The Sex Pistols got it wrong when they sang "Belsen Was a Gas", for there were no gas chambers at that location. Singer Johnny Rotten got it right though when he missed the Pan Am 103 flight which blew up over Lockerbie, his wife allegedly taking too long to pack.

We saw an alleged terrorist attack this morning in Lyon, apparently one decapitated victim's head attached to the fence of Air Products, defaced with Arabic writings. ISIS are getting the blame. Air Products produce gas.

We saw another this afternoon, in Sousse, Tunisia. The coat of arms is perhaps revealing. 

Last Saturday, blogger Aangirfan wrote: "Suzanne Collins, who wrote The Hunger Games, is the link that joins up DYLANN ROOF, SANDY HOOK and Elliot Rodger. "

The Hunger Games trilogy was distributed by Lionsgate, on a budget of $333 million.

Someone else allegedly keen on writing for children is Edinburgh based, J.K Rowling,  author of the Harry Potter series. Today she announced her magickal new baby: that her wizard will hit the stage in London next year in a show called Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. From the BBC :

Rowling said she chose to make the announcement on Friday because it was "a very special day" - the 18th anniversary of when her debut book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, was first published in the UK. 18 is of course 3 sixes.

The city of Lyon is only mentioned in the book on alchemy in which Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger learn about the Philosopher's Stone in the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. The excerpt mentioning Lyon can only be seen in the American edition, as in the British edition the sentence is cut off the top of the screen. (here)

Or, in other words, decapitated.


Saturday, 20 June 2015


Back in 2012, I noted the "coincidence" between James "Joker" Holmes' Batman rampage and the almost simultaneous descent of the Olympic torch into the Tower of London to be received by Dame Kelly Holmes from Royal Marine, Martin Williams.

I'll begin on Saturday 6th of June, 6/6/15. It was, allegedly, the date chosen by Kate and William to release images of "their" adorable, fresh child Charlotte alongside "their" equally adorable  son, George. News websites in the morning of the 6th advised the photographs were to be released,  they were, eventually, at a "few minutes" prior to 10.15 at night. The source of the time is here, the article claiming that, surely-late-to-bed toddler George had perhaps gotten hold of an iPad and sent out the many L'd tweet code as imaged above. Anyhow, the potential triple six day, date and delay in "posting" seemed somewhat curious to myself.

One week later, last Saturday,  just 30 minutes into the 13th, a maniac, James Boulware, allegedly attacked the Dallas police headquarters in a fortified armoured vehicle. He was later shot dead by police within the vehicle - they were taking no chances - in the car park of a Jack in the Box restaurant.  Apparently, the catalyst for James' "madness" was that his child had been removed from him by the authorities. Allegedly, the "jack in the box" children's toy has it's roots in a "contained devil" (wiki). It was lucky they got James before he got them, surely ?

Gerry and Kate do Punch and Judy. Note "capstone/pyramid" resonator beneath.

Last Saturday also saw Kate McCann in action, up here in Edinburgh, exactly 3 years to the day after the Olympic Torch travelled from St. Andrews (where Kate and Wills allegedly met) to Edinburgh Castle (Beachcombing),  "leading 20 cyclists" on a "missing persons" charity run lasting 4 days, concluding at the  Tower of London (here).  The, one assumes, 21 strong throng left from the Scottish capital's Arthur's Seat - a lion/sphinx like extinct volcano which some say takes it's name from King Arthur; it's plug, or perhaps capstone, forms the rocky foundation for Stone of Destiny holding Edinburgh Castle and it's franchised solitary ice cream van with the registration number WMS 666 T.

Meanwhile in London, same day, the royals were celebrating the Queen's official birthday. Baby George had a plum role. Horses were in abundance, rather like Dallas one assumes given the cowboys. The BBC carries an enlightening story about it all which carries two fantastic images of the event, one of William carrying George, on the outside balcony. It is captioned "Kensington Palace said Prince George wore the same outfit his father wore at the 1984 parade".

Lest we forget

The other shows George, indoors, allegedly watching the event with great enthusiasm. It is captioned "Prince George earlier appeared to be enjoying the spectacle from an upstairs window at Buckingham Palace

Sweater from Animal Farm resonating Trotters , image from whatkidswore.

Also from the same report :

BBC royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell said there was no doubt Prince George's first appearance on the balcony was the "headline image" of the day.

"He seemed really quite interested. He was pointing and waving. You wonder whether this isn't the moment when he starts to figure out that there's something a little bit unusual about his family"

6 windows, 3 portholes on each tugboat. It's maybe worth thinking laterally about the "tugboat" angle ?

This week saw the pudding-bowl cut 21 year old, Dylann Roof,  allegedly kill 9 and spare 1 in Charleston. Dylann's car registration was LGF 330. Numbers often speak volumes whilst, apparently, the massacre was "1756 Charleston, South Carolina...the original site of Scottish Rite Freemasonry in the U.S. about 15 miles south of 33rd parallel. ..".

Tomorrow, Sunday, is William's 33rd birthday.