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Friday, 10 October 2014

God only knows..

Some people allege that butterflies are utilised as a symbol of mind control in reference to the CIA's Project Monarch.

The BBC have recently organised a rework of the Beach Boys', God Only Knows, for the charity Children in Need. Many celebrities feature, the full list with images are here. Note that butterflies appear alongside more than a few. Many people like to ape celebrities, copy their clothes and suchlike.

Some people allege that the Beach Boys, in particular Brian Wilson, dabbled in the occult. 


aangirfan - mysterious Elton John

Thursday, 9 October 2014

From Mars to a firebird (and back again)

Mars, planet of war, seems to be hot at the moment.

We had the deep fried Mars bar story; that if a man consumes one of the delicacies it slows the blood flow to the brain within minutes, whereas with a lady, there is little effect (The Metro). 

Then there was the news that two old American B movies are to be shown in Inverness' Eden Court. One of them is titled Devil Girl from Mars and concerns a Martian lady who has come to Scotland to select new, male, breeding stock for the red planet.  

Space oddities : Scotland's influence on 50's US B movies

Whilst yesterday, in my very part time role as school parent helper, I went to the cinema with the Primary 7s to see a new BBC film titled, The Ten Pieces, which has been created, allegedly, to foster a love of classical music in youngsters. It was quite symbolic, I thought, and extremely loud.

A recent comment re children and education Crossing the line :

Are they taking humanity into nothingness?
A completely blank slate.

The movie is basically ten inter-connected short stories, each revolving around a famous classical music piece :
  • John Adams: Short Ride in a Fast Machine
  • Beethoven: Symphony No. 5 (1st movement)
  • Britten: 'Storm' Interlude from 'Peter Grimes'
  • Grieg: In the Hall of the Mountain King from 'Peer Gynt'
  • Handel: Zadok the Priest
  • Holst: Mars from 'The Planets'
  • Anna Meredith: Connect It
  • Mozart: Horn Concerto No. 4 (3rd movement)
  • Mussorgsky: A Night on the Bare Mountain
  • Stravinsky: The Firebird – suite (1911) (Finale)
That's not the order they appear in though, as the first was Holst's Mars from "The Planets". We were reminded very early on about the connection with war. Next was, In the Hall of the Mountain King, followed by, A Night on the Bare Mountain. It was  the end though that caught my attention, the second last "piece" being Anna Meredith's, Connect It. 

Now remember that the whole point of the movie is to allegedly foster a love of classical music. Scottish Anna is not a classical musician per se. Anna doesn't use instruments, but rather "uses sounds made up of our movements and our voices". Anna seems to able to collect sounds electronically and manufacture music that way, thus "we (humans) are the instruments". "It is like energy being passed on from one person to the other". And for the classic : " Handel, Mozart and Beethoven are all incredible composers but music is a living art form and I've discovered it's something we can all be part of".

At this point we cut to a warehouse. Numerous bodies lay on the floor, as if they were dead. Then they rose, as one, and performed Anna's, Connect. (BBC iPlayer)

The last piece was Stravinsky's, The Firebird. Here we saw a blazing bird which reminded me of the phoenix at the London Olympic closing ceremony, and at Glastonbury, where it rose from the Pyramid Stage as the Rolling Stones played Sympathy for the Devil. This firebird flew up to the Sun then, by magic, returned to the very start of the show, and thus the planet Mars. 

One wonders if it was allegorical.


Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Favours returned

Just briefly :

I touched on David Cameron's alleged gaffe in respect of the Queen and Scottish independence in the post Pussies Galore - the British Prime Minster  being "overheard" remarking to Michael Bloomberg that H.M. had "purred down the line" after he telephoned her at Scottish Balmoral to advise of the referendum result. As I noted within the post, I found it hard to believe, the whole scenario no doubt stage managed.

That was back on 23rd September.

Yesterday, 13 days after the event,  it was reported by the BBC that Michael Bloomberg has been knighted by the Queen and will now become a Knight Commander (KBE).

I wonder if he purred when he heard the news.


Sunday, 5 October 2014

Crossing the line

Prince William and Kate have a bug-bear concerning a press photographer who is allegedly harassing their son and his nanny, so much so that they have threatened legal action. (

Prince William and Kate kindled their relationship at St. Andrews in Scotland, a place where the first meridian line was laid, "arguably making it where time began". (BBC)

I have a bug-bear concerning a new beginning.

My boy has just turned seven. He attends the local council primary school, so he can learn to swim in the same direction as the other children. It's maybe not the best decision, but it's been made. For the last two years he has religiously been given a weekly reading book as part of his homework, the literature provided by the Oxford Reading Tree, the stories  generally revolving  around a Chip, Biff,  Kipper and a magic key. Not this year though.

This year his school have introduced a fresh, dynamic, computer based reading programme, going by the name of Bug Club, produced by an "educational" profit making company called PEARSON. The basics are that the teacher selects a book for the pupil, the pupil returns home, logs into PEARSON's site and accesses the book for reading through the medium of the computer. The teacher is able, from their end, to view progress and also the results of the very irritating (in terms of a continuous read) bug-questions which pop up when you click on the bug icons which appear every couple of pages or so. 

If the pupils get the bug questions correct they receive bug points , which they can then use to trade for something or other, something or other that's intangible other than a computer reward. It's structure reminds me of some of the games that I am led to believe can be played on tablets and mobiles, although in some of them, the intangible rewards can be bought with tangible electronic cash.

A Trojan Horse
Some of books provided are based around children's TV characters, although PEARSON's refer to them, perhaps more correctly, as BRANDS. They kindly advise us that the rationale behind their use is because today's children watch so much T.V. and D.V.D.s, that they have no time for books. It reminds me of a vicious circle.

What needs noted here is that there does not appear to have been any actual studies, with controls, done on the effectiveness of this new programme and whether indeed it does improve overall reading abilities in either the short or long term. However, they do provide some snippets, anecdotes, and  short videos (here):

Tanya Byron, child psychologist :
“I think Bug Club is a genius concept and I think it's genius in a number of ways. First of all, I think the simplicity of the concept is really attractive; you don't have to be technologically really savvy as a parent or the teacher, to be able to engage in Bug Club.

Nor does one need to be with a book, Tanya - although given your father was a T.V. director, your husband a T.V. actor, and you yourself have made three T.V. programme series', then perhaps there are other influences at play here, other vested interests?

Now remember, we know Tanya must be clever because in the promotional video, her cleverly constructed backdrop consists of some leatherbound books, some clutter, an animal skull, an open piano. You get the drift.

Tanya likes to talk with her hands. She moves them a lot, like a magician. Her sleeves are bare, though the baggy-necked jumper may come in handy.

She claims that not all parents are capable of the old way of doing things : pupil gets book with accompanying jotter. Child and parent sit together and read book, child reading out loud. Parent helps with "sounding", missed words, etc. Parent signs off jotter, notes any matters in comment section of such. Pupil takes book and jotter back to school

Tanya then goes on to promote the product by claiming all parents can now engage, "can import into the home". A parent can thus see what is going on at school is her claim (and vice versa one imagines; whilst although one does not entirely believe Tanya's financially renumerated pitch, one can perhaps read the tea leaves)

Q - to Tanya Byron - What's good about technology with children 

A - A lot of children consume a lot of  their content on line or via the digital world.

A - Technology helps us to specify the children's abilities (or lack of one presumes) and offer a more child-centric education.

Watch her here, and weep . What  Tayna does, per PEARSON's, is utilise her psychological awareness to attempt to sell you a concept; an unproven remedy to a known malaise. Her sales techniques are very well honed: "badly behaved boys" are due to the fact they are, often, unable to learn. It's a "no brainer".  We are trying to educate/create "digital citizens" - it might be interesting if you are a "mother/parent", like her.

 Adorable twins from yesterday's mail on line.
Anyhow, a letter was sent out by the school inviting parents  to a presentation in regard of Bug Club. I attended. There was maybe about thirty five parents, or so I thought. Given my own antiquity-  46 - then, well, for a split second I thought I  looked great -  until I realised the truth. Many of them were grandparents.

The head teacher "explained matters". Biff and Chip, Kipper and the magic key, were redundant. The school's literacy rates were below par. Allegedly, the children are disinterested. Thus came the decision to axe. The vehicle they have utilised to teach children how to read for the last 15 years has been "Boxered". (See Animal Farm)

 I said my bit, "fostering an early reliance on technology"; "creating a bond between TV brands and school"; "utilising what appear to be untested learning products (certainly in the long term)"; "is there any actual proof, real proof, that this will be better." ?

The teachers didn't appear to know what to make of it. Some of the grandparents were nodding though.


National Literacy Charity- Childrens progress hindered by e-books and Kindles charity warns

wiki - Tanya Byron

Monday, 29 September 2014

Pussies Galore ?

Back in the 16th century, Niccolo Machiavelli wrote The Prince.

A couple of weeks ago Scotland held her independence referendum after Royal Assent was given on 7th August 2013, over a year prior to the event. We allegedly voted to stay as part of the Union, under the Crown. The ballot paper carried one question : Should Scotland be an independent country ?

Things were fairly quiet on the ground to begin with, some car stickers, some media coverage, but little much really up until Spring this year when we saw the action heat up. There were two camps, the YESers and the NOs - the Better Togethers - the latter fronted by a politician named Alistair Darling, himself once the United Kingdom's Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Here, I am afraid to admit, I made a mistake. The propaganda being proffered up by the BT group and  the UK government led me to believe that they covertly wished for independence. Given my "occult" leanings, I thought that they wished it as part of a grand alchemical and magickal ritual - to take "things" back to base before forming the gold. Then, Scotland would be the root of the forthcoming New World Order, the blueprint so to speak, for the other countries to follow.

Although, on reflection and forward thinking, maybe I was not too far off the mark.

As Scotland's temperature rose, so did the canvassing. Substantial donations were given to both sides. Advice from celebrities, many not Scottish, some not human, became ubiquitous.

Then we had all eyes on the Commonwealth Games, talk was of a truce on the matter in hand.

At the beginning of August, televised debates stirred and shook matters. Salmond lost the first but won the second. Tensions were rising. Opinion polls flowed one way, always setting their mark in the negative camp. On the streets, more flags and stickers appeared, more opinions were proffered.

Then, as if by magic, we saw a catalyst. A catalyst in the form of an YouGov (the clue is in the name) opinion poll. Somehow, the YESers were gaining momentum, the tide appeared to be turning. The heat beneath the cauldron became intense. The Goverment and other supporters of the Union sprung into action. The world's eyes  swung towards Scotland. Fear became a major influence, a fear of the unknown.

More signs, more stickers. The Government offered goodies,  a bag full, for the Scots, if they voted NO.

Battle commenced, both sides allegedly involved in dirty tricks, some more dirty than others. All the "top" politicians had converged here, allegedly due to the YESish swing in the poll...

Step into the fray, Gordon Brown; his credentials :

A confirmed New World Orderalist :

"It is time to formally recognise on a more consistent and regular basis the reality of this emerging new world order."....

A confirmed Luciferian ?:

his vision for a "global society governed by a shared moral sense" (BBC News):

And we find that from the timeless wisdom of all the great religions - from which billions across the world derive daily inspiration - there is a consistent ethical core that propels us to act: encapsulated in the golden rule that informs not just Christianity and Judaism but also Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Islam - showing that we are not moral strangers but there is a shared moral sense common to us all:

And from these common precepts of the world’s great religions, we can - perhaps for the first time - move from old battlegrounds where religions confronted often each other to a higher common ground where people of all religions can unite around what binds them together.

Flew the flag at the Beijing - London Olympic handover ceremony

Arrived late for the Treaty of Lisbon signing, a potentially symbolic gesture.

Referendum wise, Gordon appeared to taken the helm of Better Togther, apparently speaking with a passion that no one had witnessed before  (Gordon Brown's place in history rewritten after...) :

 Gordon Brown has been hailed as the man who saved the Union, after his late intervention in the referendum campaign halted a slide of Labour supporters who had been planning to vote for independence.

Gordon has stated that he personally will ensure that the pledges offered up by the UK government will be honoured.

Thus a new form of devolved government for Scotland is on the cards. 
We are left with the thought, including the allegations of vote tampering, that the whole process was an exercise in Machiavellian politics, that there was no chance Scotland would gain true independence and, bearing in mind Alex Salmond's desire to retain the monarchy in any event, it was always a "heads we win, tails you lose" scenario - perhaps to break one's spirit and the spirit of those watching.

That's not forgetting that the new "devo-max" Scotland may transpire to be a blueprint for the rest of the world under a global government. That's including routinely armed police and every child to have a state appointed "guardian".

Whilst, does anyone really believe that the Queen purred to Cameron down a 'phone line from Balmoral, indeed even that she had to rely on a call from him to break the referendum result. It seems doubtful.


Note -

Machiavellianism is, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, "the employment of cunning and duplicity in statecraft or in general conduct".

Thursday, 18 September 2014

IS in Oz (allegedly)

The above image is from today's mail on line.

Allegedly, it depicts an alleged Australian "Muslim" terrorist.

The number 33 on his shirt is interesting, perhaps symbolic. We see a lot of it.

The name on his shirt, Geronimo, is interesting too (Through the Looking Glass):

A man by the name of Walter Camp is considered the father of American football...In the 1880's he started to establish specific RULES that set the game apart from it's British cousin. In those days most organized games were played in the North Eastern United States at primarily Ivy League Universities. Walter Camp was from Yale, a member of the countries most elite fraternity Delta Kappa well as home to The Skull and Bones Society, and many say the skull of American Indian Geronimo. Anyone unfamiliar with Yale, Delta Kappa Epsilon or Skull & Bones, I suggest you take an hour or two and check into the histories, and members of these institutions.

The Original Coat of Arms of Delta Kappa Epsilon - Note "rampant lion" and "saltire"
A list of Collegiate Secret Societies 

 Both George H.W. Bush, and his son George W. Bush served as members of the DKE's, as well as Skull and Bones during their time at Yale. There are two other lesser known secret societies at Yale, The Scroll and Key and The Wolf's Head Society. Elder Bush's father Prescott Bush was a "Bonesman" as well as a senior partner with Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. who would become the single trustee of The Russell Trust AssoCIAtion the corporate entity of Skull and Bones. Even Prescott's father James Bush was a Grey Friar member of Yale's Wolf's Head Society back in 1844. Aside from Prescott Bush's documented financial dealings with the Nazis during WWII, he is said to have actually stolen the skull and bones of the legendary Chiricahua Apache Indian Geronimo. 

 From the comments :

"Wikipedia explains that Geronimo's name wasn't actually Geronimo - that is a name given to him by the Mexicans, after St. Jerome. Interestingly, illustrations of St. Jerome typically picture him with a skull. Maybe the Bonesmen are really interested in St. Jerome and not Geronimo."

St. Jerome is, of course, intimate with the Treaty of Lisbon and a lion. See my old post - Going back to our roots.


The Devil went up to Scotland

In a seemingly trivial scene, a slightly “altered on morphine” Sherlock plays violin notes to flies in a tube. He explains to Watson his discovery: when he plays atonal clusters to the flies, they synchronize and start flying in concentric circles. Thus, using musical theory, he has created order out of chaos.

 The occult symbolism of the movie Sherlock Holmes

 The deed is done. X marks the spot. 

My reservations still linger, gnawing inside my mind. However, I had to think of a bigger picture -  the children. Now my stomach churns too, with butterflies. I really, really, hope it's a YES.

Let's just hope that if it is, the Scottish people show as much passion into creating a fair and decent society as we have seen in this campaign. That they open their minds as to why things happen in this world, and to the "elite's" envisaged picture on their nefarious jigsaw puzzle box

Let's hope too that the image below from today's Daily Record is not indicative of forthcoming events, given the 666 registration number on the motorbike surely heading North, towards the Stone of Destiny.