Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Bridging the Gap ?

This is worth highlighting, is there some sort of symbolism at play alluding directly to a royal belief in reincarnation ?

It's just been on the radio that Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their third child. Breaking News and all that.

Today, HM Queen opens the new Forth crossing, the "Queensferry Crossing", the third one to span the Forth Estuary, linking Edinburgh with Fife. It's exactly 53 years since she opened the Forth Bridge. The Queensferry Crossing will, to all intents and purposes, replace the Forth Bridge. (BBC News)

Back in 2008, it was revealed that Prince Philip's funeral arrangements are code-named "Forth Bridge" by Palace officials. (here)

One wonders if his time is imminent.


Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Victoria's Secret

Legs 11
Monday 22nd was Victoria Day, an annual holiday in respect of Queen Victoria.

On Monday 22nd a homemade bomb exploded in Manchester  "at 22:33 BST", in what Theresa May called a "sickening" act. The numbers 22 & 33 are most  familiar, whilst note image below. (BBC News).

On Monday 22nd the Royal Victoria Hospital in Edinburgh burned, overnight, to the ground. (here)

Early in the morning of the 23rd, Victoria Station in London was closed; a suspect device.


Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Gardening Leave

Edinburgh Castle's Ice Cream Van - Registration WMS 666 T

I'm still alive however not in a position to post regularly again as yet.

Notwithstanding, my eye is still on the ball and I am looking towards the 11th April for reasons concerning both Scottish Independence and the Orange Protestant football club Glasgow Rangers together with it's shady chairman, Dave King. 

If "Rangers" are, again, liquidated or enter administration on that date, I will produce an explosive post concerning William of Orange, Glencoe and Dunblane.

It will be the proverbial icing on the cake.

We will see what transpires.


Friday, 24 June 2016

Independence Day - Scotland is Key ?

The butterfly emerges (thanks to Anon2)

One begins a jigsaw puzzle by sorting the pieces out: the ones with straight edges and the corners are set aside to make a frame. Then one fills in the middle, little bits at a time. As one progresses it gets easier as there are fewer pieces. It's hard to complete without the picture on the box.

The picture I see, as I often reiterate, is Prince William being crowned on the Stone of Destiny (Jacob's Pillow Stone) here in Scotland,  before going on to be Rex Mundi - The King of the World. I believe that magick, sorcery and alchemy are all at play in this ritual and that Scotland is pivotal.

Yesterday was the Brexit vote. Top leave campaigner, Nigel Farage, is declaring yesterday, 23rd June, Independence Day. The United Kingdom have voted to leave the E.U. but the people of Scotland, who only last year voted to remain with the UK, have voted to remain in the E.U. Talk is of another Scottish referendum on independence, rapidly.

The leader of the leave campaign is London mayor, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, Boris for short. We saw Boris back in 2008 at the Beijing London Olympic handover, flying the flag. Yesterday Boris was up in Scotland at St. Andrews, "causing chaos" at his daughter's otherwise orderly graduation ceremony. St Andrews, home of golf is, of course, where Prince William and Kate kindled their relationship. St. Andrew brought Christianity to many countries.  (here)

Stained glass representation of St. Andrew. Note Templar crosses. Some claim the fish represent the "astrological" sign of Pisces.
When Boris was in Beijing he shared the stage, so to speak, with Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page who dueted with Leona Lewis. Jimmy was a great fan of Aleister Crowley. So much so he purchased Boleskine House, the Scottish property acquired by "The Beast" to carry out various magickal rituals. Crowley proclaimed that Boleskine was a magnet for harnessable energies which he could tap into.

Yesterday Led Zeppelin were cleared of plagiarising their song, Stairway to Heaven. (here)

Boleskine House, ravaged by fire the day after the winter solstice 2015. The Summer Solstice was Monday past - The Melting Pot

Yesterday and today are the 702nd anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn. Some claim that the Knight's Templar gave Scotland handers in the alleged miltary confrontation. Some claim the Knights Templar spawned freemasonry.  Alex Salmond, ex Scottish political top-dog, described the skirmish as "the birthplace of modern Scotland". (here)

Yesterday, Prince Charles was up in Scotland playing the bagpipes.  He was here the day before too. His consort, Camilla, visited a sandwich shop in Edinburgh's Rose Street - following in the footsteps of George Clooney and to be followed by Leonardo DiCaprio later this year. Leonardo has links to Scotland via his godfather, a chap called Robbie the Pict, who may well be not what he seems. Roses are symbolic as are their lines. (Bridge Building)

One eyed DiCaprio
Last night, the would-be American President with Scottish roots, Donald Trump, jetted into Scotland. Today he is due to officially open "his" Turnberry golf resort. Donald has hailed the result of Brexit as "great thing", which apparently it is, given his ambitions. (here)

As I have noted before, when one practices alchemy, one's materials require to be "back to base" before one can begin to form the "gold". It irons out any butterfly effect.


Note that Prince Charles also visited a primary school in Kilmarnock. The alleged killer of Joe Cox, Thomas Mair, was born in Kilmarnock. It appears he was there until aged 11 or so.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Biting on Apple

Prince William is worried.

Yesterday, speaking at a conference for leading digital and technological entrepreneurs from the UK and around the world - The Founders Forum - he told of his concerns relating to cyber-bullying of children. In fact he is "appalled". However, William embraces technology, often like many of his age utilising his smart-phone for "news, sport, music and the odd bit of gaming".

Apparently though, the fly in the ointment in terms of prevention of cyber-bullying is Apple; they have not yet been tempted to board William's crusade.

Whilst at the event  Wills was introduced to "the most humanoid robot ever created" which goes by the name Nao. It attemped to dance for the Prince to Daft Punk's Get Lucky however fell over and had to be righted, it's internal gyroscope failing.

He also marvelled at a "human-sized" drone designed to carry an individual 100 metres into the air. However, it too failed, it's cargo, a Juergen Weigl, having eaten too many hamburgers.

Sometimes I see positives in failure.


News report - here.

Jesus, Holyrood and the Stone of Destiny

Allow me to return to the events in Edinburgh's Court of Session, Tuesday past.

The "independence seeking" Sovereign Indigenous Peoples of Scotland  set up a shanty-camp outside the Scottish Parliament building at Royal Holyrood; the authorities are not happy and have commenced legal action to evict them.

A Mr. McFarlane spoke for them initially. He told Lord Turnbull that he personally had spoken to Jesus, who is here for his second coming, and Jesus want's the camp to stay. Jesus has also requested that the Stone of Destiny be transported to the shanty-camp in order that he can be crowned upon it.

Mr. McFarlane has tried to secure legal representation, allegedly contacting 144 lawyers, all of whom were too busy. Mr. McFarlane advised Lord Turnbull that Jesus had suggested that this was deliberate as they would "not wish to bite the hand that feeds them". Furthermore, Jesus loves all of us including Lord Turnbull.

Lord Turnbull rebuked Mr. McFarlane for not sticking to legal matters and for making "philosophical and spiritual arguments that could not be properly examined by the court".

I'm interested in Mr. McFarlane's thesis, unfortunately though I don't see it being Jesus being next to be crowned on the Stone. Rather, his opposite prior to global kingship. Perhaps Mr. McFarlane is occultly alluding to that, perhaps he assumes Lord Turnbull knows the blueprint intimately and is poking the hornet's nest?

It's worth noting that Lord Turnbull was one of the prosecuting council in both the Lockerbie trial and the murder Jodi Jones, on 3/6/3 - an act allegedly inspired by Marilyn Manson, an individual who has certainly got his finger on the pulse.

Marilyn Manson, Magick, Jodi Jones and the Clutha


The previous Court judgement can be found here.

Edinburgh Evening News.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Triggers with Attitude ?

History has been made. Prince William is the first member of the royal family to appear on the front page of a gay magazine. It's Attitude and it comes out next Wednesday, the 22nd, the day after Wills' 34th birthday. Bear in mind it's a leap year. Allegedly the bullying of LGBT people has it's roots in the classroom. (here)

Apparently the magazine went to print before the events in Orlando last weekend, so there's surely no possibility he's jumping on the bandwagon so to speak. Surely?

Yesterday, I noted the claims in court re the second coming of Jesus and the Stone of Destiny. Curiously, another story hit the Scottish headlines similtaneously, plans are afoot to move the Stone from Edinburgh Castle to Perth. Whether, and if so when this happens will be interesting. (Daily Record)

The Childcatcher - From London Olympic's opening ceremony

Coincidentally, coinciding with  William's ground breaking announcement, up here in Scotland the BBC are reporting via their "Scotland Live" reports that Jordan Daly,  "co-founder of the "Time for Inclusive Education" campaign said that despite the law banning the "promotion" of homosexuality in schools being repealed, there had been little progress in the past 16 years.

His comments come as party leaders said Holyrood must take a greater role in advancing LGBT equality.

Mr Daly says teachers need to be better informed.

"We're being told the same thing - that teachers do not know where the boundaries are. They do not really know where they can discuss LGBT issues. We have spoken to teachers in faith schools who believe that if they do discuss these issues then they might lose their job. It has to be made clear to teachers that you can discuss these issues, there is no law anymore that outlaws it".

Promotion being the salient word.

I have written about LGBT Scotland before, in particular referencing their A Very Gayleigh Ceilidh, targeting children aged 12+, which was held in my locality back in 2008. Flyers for the event were being distributed at schools and local health centres. In 2008 LGBT Scotland received £1.1 million from the Scottish Government. In 2008 the director of LGBT Scotland was a Neil Rennie. In 2009 Rennie was sentenced to 14 years inprisonment for sexually assaulting a three month old. Rennie was also a qualified teacher. (Who ate all the PIE)

We see the agenda unfold.