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Friday, 8 May 2015

The Changelings, and other fishy matters

"Friend of Israel", big-nosed Jim Murphy and "transvestite comedian" Eddie Izzard.

A changeling, as noted in my very last post, is an "otherworld", sometimes sickly creature, who was substituted for a healthy human infant - in the dead of night.

Yesterday the U.K. voted, the results compiled overnight.

As prophesied here, courtesy the opinion polls, the Scottish National Party - who's name speaks for itself - did the business. Ex leader, Alex Salmond, commented, as widely reported :

"The winds are blowing across Scotland and they're blowing very strongly, believe me, in the north east of Scotland.

'There's going to be a lion roaring tonight, a Scottish lion, and it's going to roar with a voice that no government of whatever political complexion is going to be able to ignore."

Nicola Sturgeon, SNP leader @ centre

Freemasonry, allegedly, loves (for those in the know) allegories, symbols, ruses. Thus :

The North East corner is important in freemasonry. "Surely no Mason ever forgets the moment when he is placed in the Northeast Corner of the Lodge, and hears the Master say, that he there stands a just and upright Mason.  It is one of the thrills along the great journey of initiation, a point at which the idea and purpose of Masonry begin to take shape in the mind."

But why the Northeast Corner?  Would not some other corner of the Lodge do as well?  Perhaps it would, but Masonry is very old, going back into a time far gone, when ordinary things had meanings, real or imaginary, beyond their practical use.  Such a question opens a window into things quaint, curious, and even awful; and all sorts of explanations are offered us, some of which may be named...

Then, turning to the history of religion, he finds, not unnaturally, many rites of primitive peoples - magical rituals and Midsummer Night Dreams - celebrating the Summer Solstice.  Many hints and relics of the old Light Religion are preserved for us in Masonry - rays of its faiths and fictions - one of them being that the Northeast Corner of the Universe, and so of the Lodge of which it is a symbol, is the seat of the Sun-God in the prime of his power.

 MasonicWorld - north east corner

Demelza Powell in 2012  with the Olympic baton. It's day 34, the procession having doubled back into Scotland overnight, 33 -34. The statue is of freemason Robert Burns, making the "lion's paw" symbol. It's Prince William's "Summer Solstice"  birthday too.
Lions are important in freemasonry. I'm not too sure why. I know that when a male lion takes over a pride, it kills any male lion cubs of his predecessor. Usually he eats some of it too.  Top masons make a "lion's paw" symbol with a clenched hand. When the European Treaty of Lisbon was signed, it was done so later than the rest of the participant's representatives by Scottish Gordon Brown, then U.K. P.M. The location of this, now goatskin bound document, ritual was Jeronimes Chapel, a place named after a character who wandered round the world with a lame lion, the poor animal leaving drops of blood at his overnight stops. Work that out.

Going back to our roots

"Big nosed", David  Camerons wife, Samantha, is of a wealthy background. The type who only breed with their ilk.  The image below shows "her" choice of attire today. 


Wednesday, 6 May 2015


Many moons ago, if a child went missing, often fairies or other dimensional entities were held to blame. Another trick played by these creatures was to replace a healthy infant with a sickly one of their own - a changeling - the human parents then acting as unwitting "cuckoo" carers. It's worth musing over.

I wrote last month regarding the fairy hunt in Edinburgh's Royal Botanical Gardens, sparked by a Findhorn Foundation co-founder, Rosicrucian Robert Crombie's, alleged close encounters with a centaur and Pan at the same location.

The Centaur Spot. 

Apparently the search has been a success; although no actual fairies were encountered, "psychic vortices" and a potential portal to who knows where were located, via dowsing, by the hunters. (here)
 In my last post I noted once again the curious correlation between James "Joker" Holmes' Denver rampage and the 2012 Olympic torch descent into the Tower of London, where "the power and the significance of the Monarch resides". On Royal baby Charlottes' birth-day, the Edinburgh Evening News reported that Kate McCann, of Maddie fame, plans to lead a pack of 20 cyclists to the Tower in order to raise money for a missing persons charity. The procession is due to leave from Edinburgh's (King) Arthur's Seat, an extinct lion-like volcano which gazes over the Scottish Parliament and Royal Holyrood Palace. It's volcanic plug forms the rocky foundation for Edinburgh Castle and "it's" Stone of Destiny. 

The event will  begin on 13th June, exactly 3 years to the day after the Olympic Torch travelled from St. Andrews (where Kate and Wills allegedly met) to Edinburgh Castle. (Beachcombing)


Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Scones and Stones

Last year I called it wrong when I wrote that I believed the "elite" wanted Scottish independence simply so they could perform a "magickal" alchemical ritual in terms of a global United Kingdom being spawned from Scotland, just like the original one was way back, by Bible reviser and Stuart King, James 6th and 1st. 

Freemasonry, like the U.K., appears to have it's recent roots embedded up here and while the noble purpose of a freemason is to perfect himself,  my understanding is that their collective endeavors are to create a "perfect" society - a Golden Age for humanity.

Today I spyed the front page of the Daily Record as above and perhaps I may not have been too far off the mark in my original thoughts. The United Kingdom's general election is in a couple of weeks and it appears that Scotland is going to be holding the balance of power. One can only imagine the ramifications of this happening, let's just say it won't go down too well with the English voters who are in the vast majority in terms of population.

The Stone of Destiny currently resides at Edinburgh Castle. It's ice cream van registration number is surely ominous, WMS 666 T. My thoughts are that Prince William will be crowned on it in Scotland as his first base, so to speak.
Baking, whether it be scones or cakes, in essence is alchemy - as long as one is utilising base ingredients and not a packet mix. In alchemical magick, if something has worked before under a certain set of circumstances, and these same circumstances are followed exactly (the ritual), then the magick will work again; the "gold" will manifest.

I go on a lot about number "magick" here, thus it's worth pointing out again that James "Joker" Holmes' Denver  massacre/blood sacrifice? transpired the same day as the Olympic torch was  abseiled into the Tower of London by Royal Marine, Martin Williams at 20.12 BST, who handed the torch to Dame Kelly Holmes (no relation to James) on the rampants. Lord Coe, Chairman of the Games, noted that the tower was a fitting point for the flame to enter London because "it is where the power and the significance of the Monarch resides". (BBC News)

The Joker's court proceedings began yesterday, 27th April, exactly 1011 days since "his" Dark Knight rampage. Some believe the Joker to be mind controlled. If that is the case then it would indicate that the choice of date, venue etc. was pre-ordained and working to a script - for whatever reason.

Prince William at the Warner Bros studio on 26th April 2013. One wonders if the date was significant.


Stone of Destiny

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Dunblane, Marilyn Manson, 911, rituals

Sometimes I dip my toe into places I am not sure I really want to go.

I remarked on the untimely death of the press photographer, Gordon Jack, aged 47, who was covering Dunblane massacre survivor Andy Murray's wedding in my last post; he fell and hit his head on a gravestone at Dunblane Cathedral the day before the wedding, passing away the afternoon of the ceremony.

Yesterday's Daily Record reproduced a "few of his great shots" in his honour, in actual fact there were a total of twelve, ranging from Robbie Williams to Gordon Brown. Another from the chosen dozen was the image up top, it is of a boy called Luke Mitchell together with his mother, at the graveside of his girlfriend Jodi Jones. Some might consider the image to be a breach of their privacy.

Jodi was found murdered on 30/06/03 in Easthouses, Dalkeith, Midlothian. Her body was mutilated in a similar manner to that of the Black Dahlia murder in 1947. Apparently, Marilyn Manson took a great interest in the latter. Mitchell was, allegedly, a great fan of Manson which is partly, it appears, the reason he was convicted. Mitchell later was convicted of Jodi's murder and sentenced to 20 years imprisonment on 11th February 2005. Mitchell later appealed, this was refused on 2/2/11. wiki - Murder of Jodi Jones. Allegedly, many learned-individuals in the legal system believe Mitchell to be innocent of the murder.

Back in March last year I penned Marilyn Manson, Magick, Jodi Jones and the Clutha, noting therein Manson's preoccupation with James Shelby Downard's KK33 re the JFK assassination (a text on the sidebar which deals with twilight symbology and alchemy) and the fact that when the police helicopter crashed into the Clutha bar at exactly 22.22, it was allegedly returning from the aforementioned Easthouses area. Curiously, Marilyn Manson had played a concert in Glasgow exactly a year and a day prior to the Clutha disaster, in very close proximity. As I noted then, a year and a day has some merit in magickal circles.

Back in December last year I penned Mirrors, noting therein that the Glasgow refuse truck "disaster"  happened exactly 1221 days after the filming of a similar scene in the same locality for the movie World War Z. One might suggest that 1221 is a mirror of the number 12.

It's exactly 11 years, 9 months, and 11 days between Jodi's potentially sacrificial murder and the death of Gordon Jack. (here)


Sunday, 12 April 2015

Growing pains

From my February post, Bride of Frankenstein, re the choice of 11th April as a date for Dunblane massacre survivor, Andy Murray's wedding :

It seems, to me, a rather ominous date to choose, the 101st day of the year...

Remember that Andy was at Dunblane Primary on the date of  "Thomas Hamilton's" massacre. He "escaped" by hiding in the headmaster's office.

During the legal enquiry into the massacre, Knight of the Thistle, Lord Cullen, allegedly received an anonymous letter. It was dated 11th April 1996 and stated...

From the Independent dated 12th April 1996: "The Dunblane primary school gym where Thomas Hamilton massacred 16 children and their teacher was demolished yesterday. No more than a pile of rubble remains on the spot"...

The allegedly Biblical Stone of Destiny, after it's repatriation by law students on Christmas Day 1950 from Westminster, was missing for a few months before, on the 11th April 1951...

From my March post:  Blood, sweat and tears

There's a couple of standing stones within the Cathedral, one an old Pictish example which was found close by, the other a tribute to the children lost in the massacre...

Some people who follow the "ley line energy" theories, believe that statues and suchlike are not randomly placed, but rather they too have a strategic purpose.

From here
We saw hailstones on the mainly cloudy morning of  Andy Murray's wedding, but there was worse to come.

Well respected media photographer, Gordon Jack, the day before at the rehearsal, slipped and hit his head on a gravestone in the Cathedral grounds. Murray was only "feet away".  (here but everywhere)

He died in hospital, on 11/4,  just after the ceremony concluded. He was aged 47.


Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Five and the Baker's Dozen

It's 11th April and George, Julian, Dick and Anne are working in their mother's shop in leafy Hampstead.  Timmy the Dog is at home miserable, he is not allowed in the fancy-cake outlet due to health and safety legislation. It's been a couple of months since their 11th February visit to Lamb Island and, as they faithfully promised one another, they have told no-one about the beastly satanic ritual they witnessed there. Inside, Anne still harbours slight fears that her mother is a satanist whilst Julian has spent many an hour hunched over Google, attempting to ascertain the truth of the matter.

The door opens, the bell rings, and in steps a grandmotherly type lady, well dressed, in her early sixties. A typical customer in this establishment. Dick goes to the counter, "Morning Madam, how may I help". I'd like to order one of your glorious cakes" smiles the woman. "Certainly", nods Dick, obligingly, "I'll just get the details". "I'd  like a devil cake , enough for thirteen, and I'd like it specially decorated. I won't require it until 21st June".

"May I have your name please". "Of course, it's Belinda MacKenzie". "And the address please". "I'll just give you my work address, it's 85 Albert Embankment, SE1 7TP". "Fantastic" replies Dick, "enough for thirteen... and the decoration ?" . "Now" says the lady, slightly changing her tone of voice, "I am looking for an image of 12 animal-masked but naked humans, six of each gender, around the circumference, whilst in the centre could you put a naked goat/human hybrid". Dick blushes slightly and stammers "certainly Madam, that would be fine". Belinda leaves, whistling like a canary.

Dick is trembling as he returns to the back of the shop. "Guys, you wont believe this. I think it's more Jungian synchronicity. A lady has just come in and ordered a cake with what appears to be satanic decoration". Julian is suddenly interested and takes the laptop from George and Anne who are busy watching the Andy Murray Dunblane wedding mega-ritual, which is on the 19th anniversary of the demolition of the school "massacre" gymnasium and the anonymous letter to Lord Cullen alleging masonic involvement in the matter. He takes the order slip from Dick and begins Googling.

"Goodness Gracious !", Julian nearly knocks his latte over. "This Belinda MacKenzie has some form. It appears she is well connected with MI5, bogus charities, and all sorts of malarkey. She was one of the baying mob that were standing outside our church calling the arriving congregation baby eaters and devil worshippers. Look, the address she has given is MI5's headquarters". He types some more then exclaims "I wonder if she is behind this: people are being asked to donate money to help the fight against satanic ritual abuse and in return they receive harrowing recordings of child abuse victims recite their torture. It's possible too that she's acquainted with Christine Anne Sands, she's an alleged FBI agent who has also been prominent in the satanic scandal".

"Let's just cancel the order" Anne whispers, tearfully. "We can't" says George. "There's that recent court case still hanging from 30/3 in Ireland, where the Christian proprietors of an Ashers bakery were taken to court for refusing to decorate a cake promoting same sex marriage. The challenge to their decision was brought by the Equality Commission who funded costs up to a maximum of £33,000". "Gosh" says Anne, "£33,000; I wonder where they plucked that figure from". (here)

Just then the door opens and the bell rings. It's their Mother - Julian quickly closes the laptop. "Hello darlings" she beams, "how are things". "It's been quiet" relates Dick, "only two orders". He hands the slips to her. She looks and then, secretly composing herself, states "Why don't you all head home, it's time for Timmy's walk and you know how he likes his routine". The four leave and Mother makes herself a large espresso and an even larger gin and tonic. She looks again at the slip. She did a bit digging back at the beginning and knows of Belinda, albeit she can only assume her motives for requiring a cake decorated in this manner for the longest, sun drenched, day of the year.

She gets up and turns on the T.V. The BBC are streaming Andy's wedding live. Suddenly there's a newsflash. Kate has given birth to a little sister for George; baby Alice. William will be pleased.


Sunday, 29 March 2015

The Centaur Spot

 Up in the North East of Scotland sits the Findhorn Foundation, originally formed by various individuals, some of whom believed they could contact extraterrestrials via telepathy. They grew "giant" vegetables which they attributed to "deva benevolence", subscribed to the works of Steiner and Alice Bailey, and generally dabbled in the occult.  Note that deva translates to nature spirit.

A major influence on one of the founders, a Rosicrucian named Peter Caddy, was Robert Ogilvie Crombie, a scientist and writer born in Edinburgh in 1899. Today's Daily Record tells of how Robert, prior to the birth of Findhorn, met a faun called Kurmos in Edinburgh's Royal Botanic Garden, then was introduced to a magical spirit called Pan with subsequent meetings with otherworld entities including  a centaur :

Crombie says he was welcomed into a world of mystical creatures, including fairies, and he reported their conversations at length.

In one encounter with Pan, he said they talked about people being jealous of his abilities.
Pan is reported to have told him: “Communicating with my subjects is not a garden game for the odd half-hour when there is nothing better to do. It is of vital importance for the  survival of mankind.

“Unless humanity comes to realise the dangerous stupidity of outraging nature and stops the ever-increasing rate of pollution it will ultimately destroy itself

Paranormal "experts" are set to descend upon the gardens over the next two weeks in order to try to explain Robert's experiences and check for "strange energies" by means of dowsing, something I wrote about very recently.

Occultist Aleister Crowley was fond of Scotland and her "energies", he considered Boleskine a focal point for the "new" Age.

Prince Charles is a keen gardener and oft follows the biodynamic, Steiner influenced, method of practice. One might even suggest he has communicated with Ogilvie's Pan or one of his descendants. Certainly we know that Peter Caddy's wife, Eileen, a co-founder of the "Vatican of the New Age" as Findhorn is also known, has received an MBE from Charles' mother.

Before the Botanical Gardens moved to their current location they were based at Holyrood, close to the Royal Palace, the chapel and the modern Scottish Parliament. One wonders if energies abound there too.

Prior to the establishment of the Royal Botanical Gardens, there was most likely another in Edinburgh - "one of the earliest in the United Kingdom" - on the site of Heriots Hospital (here). It could well be that plants were propagated from that source initially, to stock the new Royal one.

Kabbalism along with alchemy (Hermetic
Art) is an important part of Masonic sorcery.
In the science of symbolism the pentagram is called
'holy and mysterious'. If the pentagram has one
point up it is representative of the good principle
(Yetzer ha-Tov), if it has two points up it indicates
the sinister principle (Yetzer ha-Ra).

Heriots Hospital, which opened on the 11th April 1659 (see here for more on that highly auspicious 101st day of the year) is now George Heriots School. Some claim that J.K. Rowling based "her" Hogwarts School on it. I wrote more about it in Magical Scotland, including that when the group Oasis visited Edinburgh, Liam went to a bar named after royal goldsmith Heriot and described the city as ""Beautiful, amazing, f****** biblical, in fact. Words can't explain it..."

Wolfish, six toed Liam's "symbolic" "Pretty Green" "clothing"

Next door to Heriots is Greyfriars, where the Covenanters - the Presbyterian "enemies" of the Catholic supporting Jacobites, who took their name from the Biblical covenant sworn by Israel in the Old Testament and nothing to do with a witches' coven - signed their declaration in 1638 in front of the pulpit. 41 years later, 1200 Covenanters were imprisoned in the kirkyard pending trial. From wiki, History of the Jews in Scotland:

Reverence for the tenets of Judaism was a hallmark of 17th century fundamentalist Protestant thinking when the National Covenant of 1638 seemed to set the seal on the belief that by returning to the "true religion" at the Reformation the Scots had become a chosen people.

Scotland, whom our Lord took off the dunghill and out of hell and made a fair bride to Himself... He will embrace both [of] us, the little young sister, and the elder sister, the Church of the Jews. (Rev. Samuel Rutherford)

Greyfriars is most popular with tourists, due to both the Bobby-dog story and recently, the Harry Potter stories. Some Potterites believe a gravestone there for a Thomas Riddell is the inspiration for Rowling's Lord Voltermort. One wonders if all these visitors effect any unseen "energies".

Alternative historian and eccentric,  Comyns Beaumont, claimed in his 1947 book, Britain; The Key to World History, that Edinburgh was the Biblical Jerusalem. (here) 
The (freemasonic) Grand Lodge of Scotland notes that Edinburgh's New Town is allegedly structured on the same pi related esoteric principles as the Temple of Solomon and the Great Pyramid.

Comyns utilsed the image below in his aforementioned book. It shows Edinburgh Castle, which today contains the alleged Stone of Destiny, from Greyfriars Churchyard. It's on that very stone that Prince William will kick off in his role as world King.