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Wednesday, 14 November 2007

BBC News - Tuesday 13th November

We headlined with migrants on the news at 10 last night. Presenter Fiona Bruce told us two different stories concerning this subject, the first being that our government have in fact been covering up that 5000 illegal immigrants were somehow cleared to work within security roles, ,the second being that complaints from immigrants and asylum seekers are not often followed up correctly. "An immigrants story" is linked for those interested in the latter, another "damning report".

More migrants followed, this time the feathered variety, it appears that "migrating wildfowl" could be to blame for the latest outbreak of H5N1 bird flu on a turkey farm in Suffolk. The aptly named reporter, Jeremey Cook, was on location to tell us of the "end of a grim day", a vast culling, or reaping perhaps, had been ongoing throughout the day. We heard of slaughtermen, vets and a potential Christmas turkey crisis, whilst viewing images of dead birds being bulldozed into lorries. It seems this is the "most deadly strain" of bird flu, one assumes to birds; we closed be hearing of further culls.

Inflation, we are told that this is on the increase, therefore no interest rate cuts are expected, again before Christmas. It seems that fuel and food price increases are to blame. The rate is currently 2.1% we are told, yet milk has increased by about 10% in one go, here anyway.

A family of seven have died in a house fire. The victims included a baby. We were treated to images of the remains of the burnt house, a long suffering fireman told us how it was the worst loss of life he had experienced in his career. One of the neighbours, an elderly lady, was inteviewed at her front door, she spoke briefly of her shock but was to upset to continue.

Pakistan, we had our nightly update on the ongoing situation. Images of a burning vehicle were displayed as we were advised of "volatile times"

Coming up - how a soldier is "battling" for compensation & fantasy football.

First though, a report on the drink culture of our youth and the health consequences. We heard of serious liver damage at a young age, whilst viewing images of drunken antisocial behaviour.

A short update from the Diana death inquest - not much to say.

"Our" soldiers followed, in this "week of the war dead"; we heard how it seems that wounded heroes are not being compensated adequately for their battlefield injuries. This was illustrated by means of reference to a young man, Jamie Cooper aged 19, who had been badly injured in Basra last year whilst on active duty. He is wheelchair bound at present with a catalogue of injuries and has been offered £57,000 compensation. It tells its own story really.

Quite a long feature next on political tension between Scotland and England. We were told that Scotland receives a bigger state spend per person than England, this seems to be leading to a "full" independence for Scotland.

To close, the fantasy football as promised. It seems a team, Ebbsfleet United, has been purchased by means of an internet based syndicate and as a result, their team selection will be made by means of e mail vote, based on a blog written by the manager. The Cybermen they were calling them.


"And the human virus ?"

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