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Tuesday, 27 November 2007

BBC TV News - Monday 26th November

Emily Maitless presented the news at 10 last night, we began with the resignation of Peter Watt, General Secretary of the Labour Party, over irregularities in financial donations. A long feature, we heard of Mr Abrahams, an individual who has donated almost £600,000 to the party in the last 4 years, using other people's indentities to front these gifts and how this was beinding the rules somewhat - hence Mr Watt's decision, given he was well aware of the malpractice. Gordon Brown was featured and will be discussed later, in respect of his New World vision.

Facists and Holocaust deniers followed, from Oxford University, where a planned debate on free speech was disrupted due to hoardes of placard waving anti-racist demonstators. Nick Griffin, leader of the British National Party along with David Irving, author and "holocaust denier", were pictured, arriving hours early at the venue to ensure access; however protesting students stormed the debating chamber to prevent them talking and we saw some grainy, home-made, images of this "stand off".

France - the President has called for peace amidst growing urban tension and rioting, images of petrol bomb throwing youths were in abundance.

Richard Branson is attempting to add the "debt ridden Northern Rock" to his prospering global empire, reporter Robert Peston told how in effect that this means that every taxpayer in the UK is lending the illuminatist £500 for three years if his offer to buy is accepted. We saw banknotes featuring Richard's head instead of our Queen's as we were asked to consider whether this was in fact a "licence to print money" and "augment his vast fortune", it seems the answer is no, or so we were assured as we heard more of his well meaning, almost charitable intentions. There are however objections to his proposals, it appears that chief investor Rab Capital* described his offer as cheeky and so we will need to wait to see what evolves. Watch here
Read here

A teacher, Gillian Gibbons, who has recently taken up employment in a school in the Muslim Sudan, has been sentenced to 40 lashes for blasphemy after making an "innocent mistake" by allowing her pupils to name their classroom teddy bear Mohammed. Can you imagine the outcry and gnashing of teeth if a Sudanese teacher came here, say to a deprived inner city housing scheme primary, the ones that are churning out the new world prerequisite "responsible citizens" , and allowed her pupils to call their golliwog Jesus ?

and on that note perhaps - coming up - British schools celebrating Christmas in Polish - cue images of youngsters practicing carols in an unintelligable language

First though and worringly, George W Bush has decided that he needs a legacy other than the Iraq Holocaust , and as such is attempting to broker peace in the Middle East. We heard of a new Palestine, Jewish settlements, the promised land and fulfilling a prophecy. Revelations perhaps, check your Bible. Quite a long feature, watch it here

Gordon Brown again, this time talking to the CBI (Chartered Business Institute). A short clip was shown where he talked of a New World. However he also refers to an "New Global Order" early in this clip of the full 23 minutes of his speech. 14 minutes on he begins his New World rant and insinuates that we already live in it, with constant reference to the "old days"

As promised, the feature on the Polish child carol singers in Slough. We heard more of the pressures on some of our schools due to inward migration from Eastern Europe. This was illustrated by means of a row of coat hooks in a primary school - all had foreign name tags so we could see just how bad it really is.

Princess Diana inquest, it seems that she was not pregnant when she died - thus somehow disproving Scottish clan chief Al-Fayed's Duke of Edinburgh theory.

The United States next, the faux country established by the British Monarchy, in a freemasonic colonisation from the 1600's onwards, to hide behind "it's" pursuit of creating a "new global order", . We heard how it's financial infrastructure is beginning to strain and we saw some New Yorker's grumbling about rising gasoline prices, the least of their forthcoming problems.

To close, Emma Clark, the lady behind the voice on the London Underground tannoy system, has been sacked after broadcasting spoof tannoy messages on her own website. Some examples were provided for our amusement, although the Underground managerment were, in the manner of the Queen, "not amused". You can see the feature here if you desire.


Welcome to your New World Holocaust


aferrismoon said...

New Global order, a hidden NGO, far more fearsome than the NWO. Funny how NWO is OWN when reversed.
Perhaps we could welcome back Noggin the NOG, New Order of Graculus and tramp off beneath the Earth with Noggin and his people.
Maybe a prog u could play the wee one

Newspaceman said...

cheers aferrismoon,

programme being the right word.