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Friday, 9 November 2007

BBC TV News - 8th November

Huw Edwards was host on the news at 10 last night, the leading feature was that of severe flood warnings for parts of England. We saw preparations for this happening and were reminded of previous events.

Sir Ian Blair, Metropolitan Police Chief, is still resisting pressure to resign

A young girl, Samina Malik, has been found guilty of possessing material likely to be used in terrorism, namely a couple of manuals downloaded from the internet, one being a guide to poisons. She has not actually done anything wrong as far as I can see and called herself the "lyrical terrorist". The link is here to the report for those interested.

The lost children of Chad/Zoe's Ark - an update from the BBC. In this episode our reporter travels to a rural village to show natives video footage of the "lost children" in order that they may establish whether any are theirs. One is identified, her mother is delerious with happiness then we see another, this lady is writhing with grief in an Exorcist type display - no sign of her children on the magician's silver box. The link is provided, it is worth watching to show how children are exploited for news/emotional manipulation. Note the strange pyramidical structure which appears half way through in the background.

Meredith Kercher, the British girl who was murdered in Italy - we heard more of the ongoing enquiries and differing statements between the three suspects.

Coming up - America's housing slump - the global repercussions

First, we heard that the Stephen Lawrence muder case may be revitalised due to DNA evidence which has now come to light due to advances in technology and research. We were reminded of the original story which was ongoing for a number of years and heard from a DNA expert, Allan Johnstone.

America's economic crash followed as promised, "The American Blues", they were calling it last night,. Evan Davies told of the ongoing housing market fall and how it may affect this country. This is almost a regular feature now.

"Violent deaths" in Iraq have fallen it seems, or so we were told. I dont have time to write about it, a link is provided to the relevant written propaganda.

To close, more propaganda, another one of the "final few", this one was Syd Lucas who had served in two wars. He was physically wheeled out for the appearance. You can see this at the video link provided. Another one follows tonight aged 111.


Television at number 1
Infant Formula Milk at number 2 (article to follow)


aferrismoon said...

Many years ago a guy I knew had an SAS restricted undercover handbook full of every way to make weapons from household stuff, bought from shops, all that an undercover soldier needs in a civilian environment. He also had a bit of a thing for Billy Whizz . One thing led to another and he got caught for possession initiating a house search. The police found the book and took him straight in. It was pretty obvious he wasn't a harmful person but they kept him for a day and a half to make him realise that this literature = heavy shit. Had he not been a chirpy South Londoner and white I think he might have had a hard time.
The thing about this literature is that it shows one how to do practical things easily , unlike our educational environment which doesn't . Of course explosive material will give u a noticeable result unlike an exam result , or a well done from Teech.
Anyhow looks like a good excuse to restart Nat.Service with the accent on subversion and terrorism, infiltration and home economics.
Recycle left over flour, mix with old washing-machine parts, load and fire.

FilmNoir23 said...

Looks like you all dodged a big bullet...glad you are all well.

Newspaceman said...

Thanks aferismoon, - I have an old guide to medicinal plants - government issue booklet - in case of war.

It has a fair chapter on the opium poppy and it cultivation in the UK.

Todd, I am a bit unsure about this last "scare". I might be a sign of thing to come (sunspots cycles etc), who really knows.