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Tuesday, 20 November 2007

BBC TV News Review - Monday 19/11

I had to watch the Panorama McCann special before the news. It didnt really tell me much other than the McCann's, and at least one of their friends, are extremely shady. This I already knew. However, we heard more about their thoughts on the abduction as Gerry spoke to a family friend who was making a film about them, telling of the predator who seemingly watched the family and utilised a "window of opportunity" for the abduction of Madeleine. Kate hung out washing which reminded me of Judge Chubb's wife. We will return to the window of opportunity later.

The news started with the tale of the ongoing tale of the Northern Rock bank as it seems that no adequate offers have been received for it's purchase. Again we heard of Richard Branson. The bank's share price (and therefore worth) is about 10% of it's January level yet no one is willing to pay even that for it. What does that tell you about the rest of the stock market and what is round the corner. This is the start of the economic meltdown - part of the proverbial blueprint.

The house of death followed, again we heard of the two girls found murdered. Media hover like buzzards in search of carrion, waiting days for a cadavar. The workings of the underground radar machine were explained - it bounces down waves and when they hit a corpse it comes up black and white on the screen.

Chief Constable Terry Grange has resigned due to cash discrepencies and "improper use of the police computer". We saw images of him and heard of his crusade against child abuse.

Guess who's back. Tony Blair. Not in this country though, he has started his new job in the Middle East as some type of peace ambassador or envoy. He told of his plans to "revolutionise Palestine", utilisng a "range of projects" to achieve this goal. We saw some images of raw sewage and urban warfare to close. Structured revolution then, another part of the blueprint.

Incapacity benefit, our government have revealed plans to reduce the number of people who claim this sickness related benefit. Talk was of bad backs and depression. How could anyone not be depressed is what baffles me, we live in troubled times. Anyway it seems that some of the so called sick will be offered employment in other roles that they are capable of. A social truth here - a lot of these sick characters and people like them would historically have found employment of some description in one of the nationalised companies, the post office for example. They did not work too hard, but provided a function and had a purpose - plus a pension, holiday pay, a union to support them. It was a reasonable balance - it takes all sorts. These days are gone and the jobs on offer an insult to humanity and this so called caring society. We wonder why people are sick.

Coming up - our hard working Queen's diamond wedding.

First though, we had an update on the cyclone in Bangladesh, usual images of the aftermath.

A long feature on climate change, we saw Gordon Brown speak of a "global low carbon economy". Again we heard of banning plastic bags before viewing the "solar panels in the shade of the London Eye". A curious statement I thought. It seems though that "we will be paying more for energy"

Our Queen next, but not the promised diamond wedding feature. Instead we heard how hhe and other landowners are set to "loose money" due to a European rule over agricultural subsidies. We saw some cows with straw dropping on them as we were told of "manna from heaven". Talk turned to grain mountains and wine lakes. The Queen intro is not on the video link but she is in it later with Charles.

Diana inquest - we heard of another "window of opportunity", this one missed though - a chance to perhaps have kept her alive. I wondered as to the use of this phrase here, with it's similarities to the McCannorama mentioned earlier.

James Hourley, who escaped from prison several years ago, has been recaptured in Holland.

As promised, the Queen and her diamond wedding. We saw Dame Judy Dench and Prince Wiliam speaking at Westminster Abbey. Nicolas Witchell, Royal correspondent told us more of the original wedding - "forged in the days when self discipline was strong".


Branson - a window of opportunity

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