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Friday, 23 November 2007

BBC News - Thursday 22nd November

Huw again on the news at 10 last night and we began with an "unprecedented joint attack" on Gordon Brown by retired "senior military officials", accusing him of providing insufficient funding to our armed forces. Images of troops from the Royal Anglia were displayed, "back from fighting the Taliban", we heard more of the criticism and political comment on this matter.

We stayed with politics and moved on to the missing disks as "the police continue their frantic search" for the sensitive information laden CD's. Images of police vans parked outside government buildings were shown, to assure us that this is happening. We heard more about e mails from last March, seemingly incriminating senior offficials, cost saving exercises, and filters - before closing.

Pakistan has been suspended from the Commonwealth until "democracy and rule of law" is restored. No details were given as to the actual tangible implications of theis penalty although I believe that it amounts to little more than a banning order on meetings and the 4 yearly Games. It is almost like Supernanny and the naughty step on a global scale.

A worrying story for bus travellers next as we heard of the man who was stabbed to death on the top deck after asking a schizophrenic to stop throwing chips at his girlfriend. Images from the CCTV on the bus were shown , including the "smiling killer", although the actual assualt was deemed too horrific for viewing. We heard from the victims family, obviously not happy given that Mr Joseph had only got out of prison a few hours before. This was blamed on inconsistencies between the police and prison computer databases which seemingly "dont tie up". The fearmongering continued, we heard how people who witness incidents are often afraid to intervene, fearing for their own safety. However, we saw local hero and terrorist foiler, John "Smeato" Smeaton, the one who tackled the terrorist in the burning car, a mere baggage handler , yet a true hero. John told how more people should be willing to have a go and we got to see the car burning again to close.

Football, more on England and McLaren's sacking. If he had won then he too would be a hero, like Smeato, yet today he is unemployed, miserable, probably scared to go out. We heard various debate into how this calamity of non qualification could possibly have occured to a nation as great at football as England, footballer and manager Roy Keane told how he believed that "ego' s were a problem in the dressing room".

Another furore, this time a company called Qinetic which was Ministry of Defence owned up until 2003 and then sold for a paltry amount. We heard how the MD and others had invested around £100,000 then, this has now grown to an astonishing 20 million or so.

Alexander Litvinenko, the murdered Russian ex KGB agent, this is the first anniversary of his death as such we were reminded of the circumstances with specific attention being drawn to the poison trail, and Mr Lugovoi, the individual accused of the crime. It seems that he is in fact standing as a politician and images of him disemarkaing from his private jet to attend a meeting were used to illustrate this. Some say that he is doing this to keep himself in the public eye becuase he in fact fears for hsi own life now. Another spy type agent gave his opinions on the matter - "even if he is innocent, he will be killed". The video is not on yet, this link is for the article.
A very informative article on the subject - October 2nd

To close, Banglasdesh, an update on the situation caused be the recent severe cyclone. We saw people hurrying to the reporters to see if they had any provisions, although we did not find out whether they did. Instead we saw images of families "living in the rubble" and grieving mothers, wailing in despair like I suppose only a grieving mother can. Is there really a need - judge for yourself.


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