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Friday, 30 November 2007

BBC TV News - Thursday 29th November

Mr Abraham and his bogus donors were the first subject up for consideration on the BBC news at 10 last night, we heard that there will be another police enquiry into political funding donations, given the recent relevations. Political editor Nick Robinson appeared gleeful as he told us of Nigel Moore and Yates of the Yard, both top policemen who will be involved in the investigation. A long, draining feature this one with little new information - although not as draining as my own interview with Lothian and Borders finest on Wednesday, hence no report yesterday.

Gillian Gibbons, the teacher who called a teddy bear Mohammed, on her pupils recommendation, has been sentenced to 15 days in prison. We saw the head teacher of the school, he seemed to believe that she had got off lightly, as do the majority of the Sudanese population it seems. However we heard that our Government are not happy and that "there will be no more softly softly by our Foreign Office - they have demanded an explanation". It seems though that some Muslims consider a "plot" is afoot and that Ms. Gibbons is part of a nefarious conspiracy to stir up trouble. I personally would have thought that if this was the case, they would have utilised the services of a young attractive blonde bubbly young lady teacher rather than a lady who unfortunately resembles her name. Other Muslims believe the the sentence too lenient and are planning demonstrations.

Slowdown in the housing market followed and Mevyn King, chief of the Bank of England ,warned of uncomfortable times ahead, including a warning of stricter credit lending, his speech at the House of Commons to a group of MP's interrupted by a fire alarm. "attention, attention" was looped into this feelbad feature.

Coming up - Texas double killer a hero ?

First we went to Pakistan for an update on their owngoing social political unrest. We heard Mr Musharrraf''s reasoning behind his recent decision to impose a state of curfew, he was attempting to protect order it seems. Nevertheless, we saw images of more trouble between lawyers and police, like a big huge Reservoir Dogs X Enter the Dragon X LSD.

The Phillipines followed, malarky in Manilla it seems , details of a foiled rebellion were given, the perpetrators holed up in a 5 star hotel.

A British paratrooper, Brian Budd, who was awarded the Victoria Cross in Afghansistan was killed by paradoxical "friendly fire" it seems. A close up of the medal was displayed before we cut to a home made war recruitment movie (or that's how it seemed) made by members of the Paratroop regiment. In it we were treated to fairly lengthy scenes of tattooed arms firing large guns out into the desert plus other miltary operations. Mr Budd was "caught in the crossfire". Watch it here, judge for yourself if it glamourises the fighting aspect.

As promised, the Texan double killer - Joe Hordon who spotted burglars ransacking his neighbours home, first phoned the authorities, then went outside and killed the two coloured men. It appearsthat this event is "fueling debates on law and order and gun control" in the USA.

To close, another donor story and a feelgood feature - a five week old baby who received a new heart and has just celebrated his first birthday. We heard more of the groundbreaking operation, a shortage of donors and from his parents, who obviously were delighted.
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