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Thursday, 22 November 2007

BBC News Review Wed 21st November

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Huw was our host on the news at 10 last night, we began events with the ongoing story of the missing disks and a "dramatic new turn". Again we heard the tale of how they were sent yet were never received, the new drama being down to the fact the Conservative Party believe that someone more senior is involved - other than the young junior administration assistant who actually posted them and has subsequently resigned his post. We heard how America encrypts their data to avoid this type of incident and images of codes were flashed on the screen to demonstrate how this works - everything gets jumbled up and the symbols changed. This feature went on and on, paedophiles, false identities, identification cards and finally bolting horses, the implication being that this information could fall into the wrong hands - at any time in the future.

Health followed, it seems that some accident victims do not get proper care from hospitals in certain instances. An example was given - you may have a near fatal crash in a rural location and be taken to a small local hospital. As that hospital does not have a high volume of patients then it could be that they only deal with one bad emergency each week, and as such not have as much experience with the type of injury you may have sustained. We also heard of poor ambulance procedures causing unecessary deaths. No solution seemed to be offered at this stage but is this another nail in the coffin for smaller hospitals - to be replaced with superambulances or mobile hospitals. We heard from some crash victims families, lamenting their loss and blaming the health service.

Football next, England got beaten, cue much more lamenting prior to teeth gnashing, as we heard of the menace McLaren, the team manager. We saw McLaren swigging out a water bottle during the game as we heard how "he was in the last chance saloon and they have stopped serving drinks". Does he possibly have a alcohol problem ?

Iraq - a helicopter crash - 2 dead, 2 badly injured, believed to be SAS. Images of soldiers etc were in abundance, we were told of the Puma helicopter, its capabilities, and the 33 in service.

A huge number of turkeys have been destroyed on suspicion of being in contact with bird flu. It seems some sort of "dangerous contact" was involved somewhere. Wait till the human killer virus hits - say you went to the shops for milk and the wifie who served you suddenly died of the killer disease. Next day you go back as usual, then are tapped on the shoulder by a man dressed in white plastic before being taken through to the back of the shop and checked with the CCTV recording for facial dimensions etc., definate match, bolt through the head, your corpse hosed with bleach and then bulldozed into a lorry to be buried 50 feet down. No one tells your missus for three days, she thinks you have run off.

Next up, opposition to the governments plans to increase the detention limit, locking up suspected terrorists to 58 days. We heard from Ken McDonald and Lord Goldsmith they are not too happy about it. However, this feature was illustrated with images of the Glasgow terror attack and the burning car which seems to me to reinforce the perceived threat.

To close, a long feature on Russian neo nazis, "the stormtroopers of a new revolution". Images of immigrants being beaten were displayed, we were assured they were genuine. Nazi marches and demonstrations were also shown before saw the would be stormtroopers training in a gymnasium. One individual was interviewed before a backdrop of a yellow and black flag; quite an aggressive nasty character, he told of a "critical mass" and the aformentioned "new revolution" which seemingly looms. You can watch it here - instigating similar ?


Desert Island Disks ?


33_hertz said...

LOL. Very much enjoyed your final flourish there, Newspaceman. Gave me a good chuckle.
cheers indeed.

Newspaceman said...

Thanks Martin, I was just going to put in the two characters but wasnt sure if anyone else used to watch it.