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Wednesday, 21 November 2007

BBC News - Tuesday 20th November

We commenced with the two missing computer disks on the news last night. Not just any old disks, they contained the personal details of 25 million people in the country, including names , addresses, NI numbers and bank account numbers, everyone it seems who claims child benefit. We heard concerns over how this data could perhaps be used fraudulently, should it fall into the wrong hands - banks have advised customers to check statements etc for any unusual transactions. This has caused the ususal political storm and we saw the nightly images of bickering and schoolboy debate by our esteemed politicians. What worries me slightly is if we look down the line at this then basically, the names, adresses, dates of birth and national insurance numbers of all our children have all been "lost", - new system required ?

The Northern Rock again - shares fell further as "fear stalked the market". Business editor Robert Peston told us more on the ongoing saga and we heard of another lender, Paragon, their shares fell 39%. Talk was of future worries, a potential house price crash, again we heard of wholesale money markets and America.

Meredith Kercher, the British girl who was killed in Italy - another man arrested.

Ian Smith the ex prime minister of Rhodesia has died. We saw some old black and white images of him as we heard that he "defied the Windsor change" in terms of transferring power back to the colonies. We heard of the Wilson crisis , Mugabe, violence and oppression.

Coming up - parenting classes.

First though, fishing, we saw trawler men dumping the majority of their catch back into the sea, due to quotas and limits imposed by Europe.

The Conservative Party have spoken of a "supply side revolution" in terms of education and independent schools. I believe the jist is that groups of like minded individuals will be able to set up their own schools although few details were given.

As promised, parenting classes - soon to be available to "anyone who needs them". We heard of anti social behaviour before viewing a typical class in action. Bullet points, flip charts and women who like the sound of their own faux posh voices were in abundance at this social education event. We then saw a lady, Jenny Bristow, she told how she feared the government were becoming a bit intrusive in our lives and to close we saw a young black girl, with previously unruly children, that had been magically cured by the use of a Supernanny type naughty step - the preferred and socially acceptable method of controlling ones children nowadays, it appears. It is like a period of solitary confinement for a child if they misbehave - sit on the naughty step for a stretch, usually one minute per age of the child's life. Is this not a form of mental torture ? Video link provided -

Our Queen again and the diamond wedding celebrations. She is off to Malta for a bit, we were indulged with images of this event and heard of Prince Phillip's nautical Royal Navy connections.

Last up, a situation compared to the film Local Hero, one of my favorites by the way. In this senario, multi million billionaire Donald Trump wishes to buy a huge stretch of wilderness and turn it into an up market housing estate with a golf course and hotel. His plans are being scuppered somewhat by a Mr Michael Forbes, who is refusing to sell his smallholding of twenty odd acres and has in fact painted the slogan - no golf course - on one of his outbuildings. Mr Trump has resorted to personal insults, accusing Mr Forbes of having rusted tractors and old oil drums on his farm which to my mind are a prerequisite for anyone involved in this manner of business. The report is here, worth watching -
or reading
and the nefarious Mr. Trump


Top Trump ?


hoi polloi said...

Ahh yes the "time out." I wonder if that really works?

Newspaceman said...

Hiya Miss P, it seems to on a lot of them - the fear on being alone or not part of the unit seems to be the key to it all. I can only go by Supernanny, which I rarely watch.

thanks very much for your comment.