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Friday, 28 January 2011

Talking Heads

A Braveheart : Person of Scottish descent with warrior like, never say die qualities; a hero.

Almost exactly six months ago, I penned,
The Braveheart Enigma, noting a pattern which had evolved around the film Braveheart involving the topical demise of three "Braveheart" nicknamed "celebrities" : actor Mel Gibson, ex Scotland football captain Colin Hendry, along with boxing promoter and alleged "gangster", businessman Barry Hughes.

This week has seen the downfall of two other Scottish "celebrities", both curiously meeting their "end" via the same source - the Murdoch News Corporation (noted here just two posts ago in respect of the Queen's Christmas Message). Whilst neither has, to the best of my knowledge, ever acquired the Braveheart tag, it seems likely that if they had risen to fame after the movie release, rather than before, such are their attributes that they would have surely been honoured with the moniker.

The first is "fearless" ex- Scotland footballer, Andy Gray, born 30/11/55 (St. Andrew's Day), up until Tuesday the soccer commentator with Murdoch's BSkyB. Andy, like our Osiris resonator,
David Goodwillie, (as noted last week; his sister hit the headlines today accused of attempting to poke out another girl's eye) started his career at Dundee United - the Arabs - before joining various English teams and gaining the prestigious golden boot, amongst other awards, in the process.

Andy got the sack from the media empire allegedly because of derogatory - off air - remarks towards a female referee, including questioning her knowledge of the game. This was closely followed up by the release of older, pre-show, "banter", in which he pulls out the waistband of his trousers whilst asking his glamorous (ex pin-up) lady co-presenter if she would mind "tucking it in". However, Andy was also in the process of suing the News of the World (NOTW - also part of the Murdoch empire) in regards to alleged telephone "tapping", the latter another story which has dominated this week's news, with every Tom, Dick and Blind Harry claiming to be a victim.

Which brings us on nicely to top "socialist" and Celebrity Big Brother contestant, Tommy Sheridan, the second for the axe. Tommy rose to fame during the poll tax rebellion of the very late eighties, indeed so committed to the cause was he that he served time behind bars. He later started a political party - the Scottish Socialists - who did relatively well, gaining a fair number of seats in the Scottish Parliament. They quickly fell out with each other (rumour has it they went all Animal Farm) and subsequently a story appeared, in Murdoch's NOTW, alleging Tommy was a swinger and partook in group sexual activities. Tommy sued them for libel and won his case, and loot.

However, the Murdoch empire was having none of it. Somehow a massive and expensive police investigation took place and Tommy ended up at the High Court, along with his wife, on a perjury charge. He was found guilty just before Christmas after a lengthy and highly expensive trial, and was duly sentenced on Wednesday to three years imprisonment . (Proceedings against his wife were dropped in the latter stages of the trial, although not before we heard of how police compared her to an IRA terrorist after she maintained her right to silence during interrogation and fidgeted with her rosary beads.)

In my original Enigma post, I utilised haggis as the metaphor to understand the code. This was in terms of a haggis centred, sliced sausage delicacy also named after Gibson's William Wallace centered movie representing the emerging "new world order"; given the Scottish freemasonic gut which still drives and architects the ongoing construction.

The events of this week again shine light on the future. Andy's unfunny, never meant to be broadcast, comments were perhaps juvenile and verging on the unacceptable, however the "media" have severely utilised the event to reinforce that this type of behaviour is unacceptable nowadays. Indeed, men and women are equal slaves with equal rights in the new global society. Any deviancy will not be tolerated.

Tommy's case is sad really. It seems that he was indeed prone to group sexual activities. Yet it shows the power of the media and, given that Tommy was a fairly well liked character, perhaps many will have a dimmer view of reporting, or certainly the tabloid, sleezy, element. Perhaps this is no good thing and may lead to censorship. Perhaps that is the intention. Or perhaps it was just to show the power of the law, and of the police. Or maybe a combination of all.

Or, then again, maybe there is too an ongoing battle being fought against the Braveheart spirit which surely flickers within us all. Could watching all these individual characters being defeated have a deeper, more sinister, collective purpose.



ray said...

yep sounds like Gray and Sheridan both got The Boot from Murdoch, Medea, police, and that they serve

females referree-ing male athletics is simply a variant of the female "judges" now omnipresent in the US

four words: in i quit y

... cant believe you blokes let them on the pitch... even the NFL doesnt allow fem-refs (tho no doubt it's in the Works!)

Gray's right, she's no business there, esp at age 25 -- it's an overt insult by the Everpresent Equalists and their NWO

Gray sounds like your typical US jock, used to females fawning on him since puberty, boorish perhaps but not a reason for sacking, which is just more politically korreckt animalfarmism

underlined by the sis eye-gouging lol

i hear Gray went to Al Jazeera, i'd call that a hint to the western world and her Murdochs

Sheridan's case is more serious, b/c more personally offensive to Rougemort Rupert... thus tommy is put in a cage, on whim of wealth and power, as Gray on whim of femdom

re sheridan rather than "sad" i'd say outrageous, and the more outrageous for its typicality

really... they do whatever they please, dont they? theyre fearless, in an arrogant way, antibravehearts

"Could watching all these individual characters being defeated have a deeper, more sinister, collective purpose."

no question, v intentional and public beat-downs, psychologically deflating, like chemtrails... broadcasting Watch What You Say, Dont Buck the System, You're Next

great job tracing these two incidents to their larger lair(d)s

refreshing to see a blogger interested in doing Medea's job (which she betrays) and publicizing injustice instead of navelgazing and waxing mystic on how teevee "synchs" with his life



ray said...

yr post makes even more sense after reading Kevin Myers' piece--

"Murdoch's News Corps is trying to persuade the British government to allow it to buy up BSkyB...

"But Murdoch is determined to show that he's now a Good Boy -- which is probably why his executives acted so ruthlessly after having the good fortune to hear of an entirely private conversation between two Sky Sports presenters, Gray and Keys, casting doubt on the suitability of women referees.

It was private. It was not broadcast. Nor did their match commentary reflect their reservations or their bigotries. Yet their careers have now been destroyed, as other journalists have gathered round their prostrate forms to supply the finishing touches with some steel-capped booted sanctimony."


i've read Myers before, he aint skeered



Newspaceman said...

Ray thanks for both your comments, I will write a reply soon but dealing with the "authorities" at the moment. Already fallen out with a dragon type creature, posing as a woman, at court.


ray said...

lol! yeah ive quite a bit of experience with those "creatures" also, spaceman

no evil lasts forever, my prayer is with you


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