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Thursday, 19 July 2007

TV News Review - Wednesday 19th July

We started with the ethics of the BBC on the BBC News at 10 last night. It appears that there have been further shennanigans over premium rate telephone competition entries; in some cases ficticious winners names were created whilst members of the production team took home the prizes. We were reminded as to how this row first blew up a few weeks ago, when it involved the childrens show Blue Peter and since then we have also seen last weeks conflict with the Queen.

We saw a senior member of the BBC interviewed who advised that "there is never an excuse for deceiving the public". The upshot seems to be that "staff are to be trained in integrity" and this should rectify the dishonesty. Again, I will make the suggestion that this could all be a very clever exercise in manipulation. Simply put your hands up to small acts of dishonesty which will deceive the public into believing your integrity. Then continue with your long term, anti-humanistic, mnd-altering programme which we have welcomed into our lives like a psychological wooden horse of Troy.

Trojan horse

A plot to kill another Russian currently residing in the UK was the next topic. Mr Boris Berezovsky has told how our intelligence agencies warned him there was trouble afoot and he should perhaps lie low. It appears that the hitman who was sent to do the job was apprehended, questioned and then sent back to Russia and told not to come back. We saw Boris who told of the plot and his obvious worries over his safety.

Politics next. Nick Robinson was on hand to illuminate us as to current developments. There are two by-elections coming up so this may give us an indication of Gordon Browns popularity. We were told that Gordon is thinking about upgrading the classification of the drug cannabis and that he is targeting middle England who appear to be readers of the Daily Mail. I am unsure as to whether Mr Brown is aware of the true level of illicit drug consumption in the UK and question as to whether a reclassification of anything actually has any effect whatsoever. The real reasons for drug abuse are to do with our society and this is glaringly obvious if one simply looks for oneself.

Drive you to drugs ?

Coming up - Cars that drive themselves.

First, the plane crash in Brazil, we saw images of the aftermath.

Afghanistan next and we were told of the ongoing difficulties in the twisted paradox of imposing democracy on a country. Basically, the rebels consist of a "rag tag" army who wont give up. The way forward is apparently to give more aid to Afghanistan and example was given as to the current lack of sewage system. It was implied that if we (the western world) upgrade the sewage and sanitation system then the locals will give up their freedom. Sell their soul for a flushing toilet ?

More terror. Terror-ential rain has fallen and there have been more flash floods in Filey, on the east coast of England. We saw holidaymakers being taken back to their caravans, by tractor, to collect their belongings. There are a lot of caravan parks on flood plains though; because its nice beside rivers.

Then as promised - the cars that drive themselves. A race is being held for several of these prototype vehicles which are operated by a computer. When I was quite young, there used to have a whole programme devoted to new, innovative, cutting edge technology. It was called Tomorrows World and it was on the BBC. They never told us it would be like this, then, either.


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