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Monday, 9 July 2007

Some Mothers Do Have 'em.

Who can forget this hilarious comedy show about an accident prone young man - Frank Spencer. Not to be confused with another famous Spencer accident, I hasten to add. Only the truly cynical and paranoid individual could imagine that this was no coincidence and it fact part of a nefarious, long term, television mind-conditioning, control plan.

Anyway, my point is that our news seems to concentrate on certain stories which would worry mothers. For example, yesterday, the news reported on five middle aged men who jumped off a pier in a drunken prank.

The news somehow compared this to a dangerous sport activity, known as tombstoning, where one leaps off a cliff or similar, into the sea. We were told this was a growing pastime and then we were shown images of the sport. Deaths were mentioned.

One can imagine this morning, in the school holidays, young chaps perhaps leaving the house for the day, their mothers already distraught with anguish over terrorists, paedophiles, drugs and now this. "You better not let me catch you at any of that tombstone malarky, ma laddie, or your be feeling the back of my hand"

Boy leaves, distraught at his mothers madness, for which he feels to blame. Goes and buys a bottle of WKD to feel better. Mother, worried out her brain, knowing she will be mad with anxiety and paranoia for the rest of the day, has a large gin.

Oh the beauty of television.

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aferrismoon said...

Cheers for 747 comment. I like numbers and other things I think because of what you have written in this article.
The 'mothers' , do seemingly get picked out to initiate low-level domestic paranoia . The 'constant' worry, will u be ok, don't talk to strange people , if they smile at you call the police, don't let the teacher sit too close.
it's a reason why I haven't moved back to Britain [ from Prague]. I,m sure they have worry here but it's in another language.
Ooooh Betty , a catchphrase to catch the attention of Betty Britain the Queen , and then the highly suspect Frank[ish]or French Spenser. A Spencer in France?
Mind you that's when my Mum stopped worrying - Frank Spencer and Fawlty Towers
All the beast