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Saturday, 7 July 2007

BBC TV News Review - Friday 6th July

The BBC News at 10 began with an update on the recent terror bombings. The burning car images were shown as usual, the story being that of the six suspects who were held last week, one has been charged and a decision will need to be made on what to do with the remaining five. They will either also be charged or released unless an extension to hold for a further period is applied for by the relevant authorities.

Flooding next - The Archbishop of York has visited the flood zones, images were shown of his visit round some damaged properties, he spoke of how it is the poorest and most vulnerable of todays people who suffer the most in times like this. He told of how meeting people in this position wrenched his soul out. We cut to a reporter in another house in which the kitchen had apparently been similarly wrenched out by the floodwater and was being inspected by a loss adjustor. The lost adjustor said "10,000 pounds would seem about the correct figure." The homeowner looked, to my mind, pretty happy about this. Is this feature telling us something ? About our soul having a monetary value ?

Cash for Honours next - We saw images of Tony Blair - we shall see. Smoke and mirrors.

No smoke and mirrors here. We continued the alchemical dissolution of the United Kingdom next, after Ireland and Scotland, it is now the turn of Wales to receive independence. We were told that this was a significant day for UK politics. They didnt however mention that it was a very significant day in the process of implementing a new world order. It was though.

Muslims next. Not content with coming over here to live and bomb us, the BBC have discovered that most of their religious services are in fact not given in the English language, rather they use Urdu to comunicate their holy messages. We saw a sermon held in English though and were told that most Muslims feel "under seige" in this country. I swear there were seagulls flying about in the background of this interview and it got me thinking - Under siege, steven seagull..... Is this this the way it works ?

Coming up - Charles Kennedy caught smoking

First - An update on Al Gore and his Live Earth concert. We were given another rundown on the global event and we were told that Al was an enviromental scientist for 30 years before he entered politics. I was unaware he was so qualified. Anyway we saw Madonna and Duran Duran. We were lead to believe that most of the stars are giving their services for free because apparently they "feel guilty about their previous lifestyles" in respect of carbon guzzling. Specific mention was made of Duran Duran in this regard and we saw some Miami Vice type cars and boats.

Just so we know the global extent of Al's campaign, we saw some chinese peasant villagers in their paddy fields, who are desperate for things like washing machines and fridges. So we were told anyway but I dont know where they would plug them into. It seemed a bit damp for electricity. Anway, the problem seems to be that "they dont know about climate change" but this is all going to change because "their pop stars will tell them". (At Mr Gore's concert, one assumes). Furthermore, and to conclude - "Even in Antartica, they will be dancing in the snow".

Two American military individuals next who have spoken out about the torture they inflicted on other human beings who were in dentention. We saw images of beaten prisoners and then we cut to the "Calefornian Clipper", a bar somewhere. These are "two good men who did bad things" and furthermore, this has affected them. One avoids people by day and as such works as a nightclub bouncer. His "mind is full of bad memories" The other is a priest. We must understand that they were following orders and as such can be absolved of any criminality - that seemed to be the message being given here.

Charles Kennedy - caught smoking out the window on a train. Quite a long feature on this, mention was made of his previous alcohol addiction. However, we were told that some in his party may see this recent behaviour as equally undignified.

Sport - 3 big ones - Motor Racing - Tour De France - Wimbledon. Our indian sports reporter was on hand to tell us all about this, specific mention was made of drugs in cycling.

That was about it, but we finished with a report on bear stuck up a pole in Los Angeles.

I dont have time to write about ITN but they showed a long report about middle class individuals who have turned to laughing gas for their post dinner party entertainment. Individuals were show, dressed immaculately within an imposing dining room where they were inhaling balloons filled with gas and giggling. This report lasted several minutes. Bizarre.


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