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Monday, 16 July 2007

ITN News Review - Sunday 15th June

I watched the early evening news on ITN where we commenced with politics. We were told of a Gordon Brown "bounce" in popularity which was strengthening; as such David Cameron, the Conservative leader is using the internet to "engage with people" in an attempt to reverse this trend. We saw images of political debate and David Milliband was interviewed.

Terror next, images of the blazing car and emergency services were shown. We were told of potential proposals to extend the period that a suspected terrorist (or perhaps anyone) can be held, without a criminal charge being offered against him by the authorities. Reference was made to Guantanamo Bay and the situation that occured there, where people were locked up for years with no criminal proceedings brought against them. However we can really only wait and see, we will have no say as individuals in this matter.

Coming up - The athletic Blade Runner and then - Prince - giving away his CD, free .

First, we heard of a rumpus at Tesco supermarkets. Details seemed pretty sketchy but it seems that threats of a nefarious nature have been issued to the store, resulting in it closing several of its retail outlets for a number of hours on Saturday. There is seemingly a possibility that this is due to Tesco in China selling turtles - however we were told that "even staff are in the dark" over what is actually happening.

Catholic Church in Los Angeles is to pay damages to victims of "sexual abuse" carried out by members of their organisation against children. We saw a victim who said no amount of money will "magically take away the pain."

A short feature on Pakistan, we saw images of urban warfare.

Our health next and it appears that there is not a link between poverty and poor eating. We heard of a report which has concluded that basically the majority of us do not eat proper, healthy food even if we can afford it. We saw images of the Royle family comedy show and were told of a diet of bacon butties. Various statistics were shown, the best I could analyse from them is that most fat women are poor whilst most fat men were rich. This seems probably about right and perhaps tells us much more than it appears.

It was then sport and we saw a feature about a disabled boy who has been fitted with artificial feet in order that he can take part in running competitions. These feet are known as cheetahs, the boy is known as Blade Runner. The problem seems to be that some people believe that this artificial aid is in fact giving an unfair advantage. Hence the moniker, although this was not mentioned.

Finally, big hearted Prince, giving away copies of his CD for free. (If you buy a newspaper). A photograph of the front cover is shown here, you will note Prince appears to be standing, perusing the world, from above.



hoi polloi said...

And do I see orbs floating around him??

33_hertz said...

I don't know how you can stand to watch that crap night after night, but thanks, your writing keeps me in touch with what's going on in Medialand.

Newspaceman said...

Hiya Martin, thank you, much appreciated. Sometimes I can hardly bear it, some nights I enjoy it. I miss more than I catch, there is so much going on in half an hour.

Hiya Miss Polloi, I think they are planets and maybe Prince is in the Milky Way. There are numbers in rows in the background, I think they read 13121312 but they dont always start with the 1. I will try to take a closer photo over the next couple of days.