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Wednesday, 4 July 2007

ITN News Review - Tuesday 3rd July

We met terror again on the ITN news, more or less exactly the same leading feature as the BBC, again we went to Scotland Yard and again we saw countless images of the suspects, their workplaces, homes etc. ITN must pay more though so they had a couple of wee extras, a tape recording of a telephone conversation of the suspects ordering a taxi to the airport a few weeks ago and a video recording of another suspect, in Hyde park, playing with his toddler child.

Again, as with the BBC, great emphasis is being placed upon the "medical" and "professional occupation" connections to the suspects, reading between the lines is it not just another case of "you cant trust anyone", even if they are professionals. We saw another al-Quaeda expert who claimed that the benefits of al-Q recruiting doctors was that they spoke English and travel widely. Bin Laden popped up again, he has a degree in engineering.

After terror - coming up - Bush accused of cronyism (not with Cherie) & Al Gore

First, Gordon Brown again and ITN told us he is "giving his power away" Again, as with the BBC, it wasnt made clear as to who will receive this power windfall. It cant be us. Again, mention of the Magna Carta, again mention of devolution, again I apologise for my ignorance.

A short report on some militants fighting in Iraq, I think.

Our armed forces are having a recruitment crisis. We saw images of tanks, soldiers etc. No one seems to want to join up though. Why bother, you can watch it every night if it interests you, safe at home. Let some other mug go.

Cadbury - Pleaded guilty to food hygiene offences.

Pete Doherty - Pleaded guilty to drugs charges

George Bush - Overturned a conviction on the "right hand man of his right hand man". Basically, George has done his mate a favour because he was owe him. We saw Hilary Clinton, outraged. Makes no difference though

A bit football and a bit tennis.

Then, time for Al Gore. Al was being interviewed at the new Wembley where he has organised a music concert, Live Earth, which will be performed on Sunday. It appears that the "British public are ignoring" what "scientists and politicians say is our biggest threat" - Global warming, not themselves; unfortunately.

It was put to Al that perhaps he was exaggerating the problem however he denied this and advised that there "was money in pollution", hence the disinformation. He was asked about whether the flooding last week was due to global warming and he replied "the scientists want to hear us saying this is the sort of thing that will happen". He was then asked why if he wanted so much to save the world he did not opt for a role within the Whitehouse. His reply was along the lines that he felt he could do more outwith the Whitehouse and, basically, was working on a global stage now and could therefore do more good.

Being honest, Mr Gore is not to be trusted. This is obvious because he is only willing to listen to what he wants to hear. He is not interested about any other possible factors affecting our climate. This is dangerous, surely there is only two possibilities for acting in this manner. The first is that his ego is so big that it has taken total control over his mind - a mental disease or disorder - which disallows any rational or logical thinking. The second is more nefarious and perhaps connected.

A global world is on its way fast - very fast - a new order awaits the unwary.


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