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Sunday 22 April 2012

One flew over the phoenix nest

One flew East and one flew West
One flew over the phoenix nest

In my post (square roots) on 7th March, I noted the breakdown of the Balmoral Hotel clock at three minutes past nine, tying it in with the ongoing Glasgow Rangers scenario; a scenario in which it appears more and more likely that a phoenix club will rise from the ashes, something I see as a portent in terms of a global financial catalyst in the finishing touches of the New World Order. I noted in the process the connections of the hotel with Rowling of Potter fame, "our" monarchy and, indeed, the infamous wizard and alchemist, Michael Scot.

Today we read from the Sunday Mail (here) of how shamed pharmakos, Rangers director Craig Whyte, has apparently reappeared as if by magic and held secret meetings re the impending "takeover" at the Balmoral last Friday.  It is claimed in the article that he "drank two pots of Royal Scottish Balmoral Blend tea costing £4.25 as a harp player provided background music". Sounds divine.

On the same day, as I noted (here), the giant inflatable replica "Stonehenge" bouncy castle - Sacrilege - was launched in Glasgow Green, before it hits London and the Olympics. From (wiki) we note of how, in 1872, on Glasgow Green, a group of men from the Clydesdale Rowing Club " formed a team to play football against Callender FC on Flesher's Haugh, this team became Rangers F.C.".

Meanwhile, as regards the "takeover" of  Rangers, we are told that there appear to now be 3 main players again, with another D Day imminent. The three consist of Brian Kennedy, the Blue Knights and last, but probably not least,  an American going by the name of Bill Miller who last week told of how the rest should put up or shut up as he revealed his - double eleven resonating - £11.2 million bid to the media alongside his plans to remove the "heart" of the club and somehow incubate it (BBC). Remember, it was Valentine's Day that Rangers entered administration under court reference P 221/12.


Note, more on the double 11, freemasonry and Glasgow Rangers: Secrets and Lies .

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