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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Menage a trois

Exactly one hundred days to go until the London Olympics, and today we are told of it's motto : "Inspire a generation". Meanwhile various tributes have been revealed, including a giant floral design at Kew Gardens (Royal Botanic) in London, unveiled by 2012 (Zion) chairman, Seb Coe.

Up here in Edinburgh, home of the alleged Stone of Destiny, matters too fell together today as approval was granted for a giant, nightime illuminated, 8 metre high set of Olympic Rings to be installed on the Mound (which links the Old and New town) along with a ferris wheel which will be situated in Princes Street Gardens. As noted last month (square roots), this then means that anyone voyeurising the situation from the uber-busy Princes Street will have the (phallic) Scott Monument on one side, the Ferris wheel on the other and, square in the middle on the man-made Mound: the Castle and the Olympic rings.

As also noted last month (cool for cats), the solitary Edinburgh Castle based ice cream van's registration number, WMS 666 T, tells more of the ongoing Biblical story being performed in these highly delicate times.


BBC - Kew Gardens/motto.

BBC- Edinburgh Castle.


Keira said...

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Keira, Clicking on your link takes me to a sales type site. Copied and pasted your "quote" onto google,looks like you have cut and pasted it to many blogs. Nice work.


Newspaceman said...
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Kal Dani said...

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