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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Is it a bird, is it a plane....

Matters seem to be heating up somewhat; twigs being added to the phoenix fire on Sunday past, April Fools Day, when it was claimed that the Conservative party secretly wish Scotland to be independent - something they are denying. The information came from ex-treasurer, Peter Cruddas, who only last week lost his job after offering potential financial donors a private dinner with David Cameron and his wife for a couple of hundred thousand pounds. Meanwhile, the results of the governments consultation on Scottish independence were also unveiled, the majority of respondents wishing the date of ballot to be moved forward from the suggested autumn 2014. Given the current (hung) government's poor popularity, and the introduction (again released Fools Day) of some sort of total state surveillance into it's citizens telephone calls and internet visits, it could well be that a full election is held quite soon, with independence a major issue.

As I have noted before, the powers that be - and want to keep being - need Scotland's independence in order that a new, global, United Kingdom can be formed from the base parts. It is related to alchemy in terms of a new golden age and, most importantly, to James 6th and Ist, UK amalgamator and , more famously, Bible reviser and distributor of such to the masses. That's notwithstanding the Stone of Destiny (Jacob's pillow stone) and it's Edinburgh base at the Castle.

Following on, we read of how the first, of 9, of British Airways A319 aeroplanes has been repainted in the form of a dove in honour of the London Olympics; it's maiden flight today at 2.20 pm. It was designed by Pascal Anson, a student at
Kingston University. Apparently, he chose the design based on the dove being a "symbol of peace and social unity". He does not mention anything about the dove being the symbol of the House of David, one can find more on that topic in the Tsarion link to the right, top section.

Aye, Superman is on his way.


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aferrismoon said...

The Dove is THE symbol of Israel [ bene or maleficial ] [ see Carlo Suares ]

913 = BRAShYTh , the first word [ of the Torah ]

A = Alef , essentially 'God' via the Hebrew letter-number code.

Its 319 because the Heeb is read right to left


Newspaceman said...

Cheers Moon, great info, much appreciated, as always.

Anonymous said...


The Dove: i suppose it depends on which way - up or down - the dove appears.

Up - all nice and religiousy, right ?
Down - not all nice ??,r:6,s:0,i:77

The dove inspired planes - going up or coming down ?!!


Anonymous said...

When the dove is upside-down what does it look like - a cock n' balls ???,r:4,s:148,i:183


Newspaceman said...

Thanks Anon2, links are most informative. appreciated.