Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Sunday 29 March 2015

The Centaur Spot

 Up in the North East of Scotland sits the Findhorn Foundation, originally formed by various individuals, some of whom believed they could contact extraterrestrials via telepathy. They grew "giant" vegetables which they attributed to "deva benevolence", subscribed to the works of Steiner and Alice Bailey, and generally dabbled in the occult.  Note that deva translates to nature spirit.

A major influence on one of the founders, a Rosicrucian named Peter Caddy, was Robert Ogilvie Crombie, a scientist and writer born in Edinburgh in 1899. Today's Daily Record tells of how Robert, prior to the birth of Findhorn, met a faun called Kurmos in Edinburgh's Royal Botanic Garden, then was introduced to a magical spirit called Pan with subsequent meetings with otherworld entities including  a centaur :

Crombie says he was welcomed into a world of mystical creatures, including fairies, and he reported their conversations at length.

In one encounter with Pan, he said they talked about people being jealous of his abilities.
Pan is reported to have told him: “Communicating with my subjects is not a garden game for the odd half-hour when there is nothing better to do. It is of vital importance for the  survival of mankind.

“Unless humanity comes to realise the dangerous stupidity of outraging nature and stops the ever-increasing rate of pollution it will ultimately destroy itself

Paranormal "experts" are set to descend upon the gardens over the next two weeks in order to try to explain Robert's experiences and check for "strange energies" by means of dowsing, something I wrote about very recently.

Occultist Aleister Crowley was fond of Scotland and her "energies", he considered Boleskine a focal point for the "new" Age.

Prince Charles is a keen gardener and oft follows the biodynamic, Steiner influenced, method of practice. One might even suggest he has communicated with Ogilvie's Pan or one of his descendants. Certainly we know that Peter Caddy's wife, Eileen, a co-founder of the "Vatican of the New Age" as Findhorn is also known, has received an MBE from Charles' mother.

Before the Botanical Gardens moved to their current location they were based at Holyrood, close to the Royal Palace, the chapel and the modern Scottish Parliament. One wonders if energies abound there too.

Prior to the establishment of the Royal Botanical Gardens, there was most likely another in Edinburgh - "one of the earliest in the United Kingdom" - on the site of Heriots Hospital (here). It could well be that plants were propagated from that source initially, to stock the new Royal one.

Kabbalism along with alchemy (Hermetic
Art) is an important part of Masonic sorcery.
In the science of symbolism the pentagram is called
'holy and mysterious'. If the pentagram has one
point up it is representative of the good principle
(Yetzer ha-Tov), if it has two points up it indicates
the sinister principle (Yetzer ha-Ra).

Heriots Hospital, which opened on the 11th April 1659 (see here for more on that highly auspicious 101st day of the year) is now George Heriots School. Some claim that J.K. Rowling based "her" Hogwarts School on it. I wrote more about it in Magical Scotland, including that when the group Oasis visited Edinburgh, Liam went to a bar named after royal goldsmith Heriot and described the city as ""Beautiful, amazing, f****** biblical, in fact. Words can't explain it..."

Wolfish, six toed Liam's "symbolic" "Pretty Green" "clothing"

Next door to Heriots is Greyfriars, where the Covenanters - the Presbyterian "enemies" of the Catholic supporting Jacobites, who took their name from the Biblical covenant sworn by Israel in the Old Testament and nothing to do with a witches' coven - signed their declaration in 1638 in front of the pulpit. 41 years later, 1200 Covenanters were imprisoned in the kirkyard pending trial. From wiki, History of the Jews in Scotland:

Reverence for the tenets of Judaism was a hallmark of 17th century fundamentalist Protestant thinking when the National Covenant of 1638 seemed to set the seal on the belief that by returning to the "true religion" at the Reformation the Scots had become a chosen people.

Scotland, whom our Lord took off the dunghill and out of hell and made a fair bride to Himself... He will embrace both [of] us, the little young sister, and the elder sister, the Church of the Jews. (Rev. Samuel Rutherford)

Greyfriars is most popular with tourists, due to both the Bobby-dog story and recently, the Harry Potter stories. Some Potterites believe a gravestone there for a Thomas Riddell is the inspiration for Rowling's Lord Voltermort. One wonders if all these visitors effect any unseen "energies".

Alternative historian and eccentric,  Comyns Beaumont, claimed in his 1947 book, Britain; The Key to World History, that Edinburgh was the Biblical Jerusalem. (here) 
The (freemasonic) Grand Lodge of Scotland notes that Edinburgh's New Town is allegedly structured on the same pi related esoteric principles as the Temple of Solomon and the Great Pyramid.

Comyns utilsed the image below in his aforementioned book. It shows Edinburgh Castle, which today contains the alleged Stone of Destiny, from Greyfriars Churchyard. It's on that very stone that Prince William will kick off in his role as world King.



Anonymous said...

Edinburgh =Eden burgh...allegedly the King of the Faeries on june 21st travels thru various places in the UK.Bishops Palace in Fulham is one of them..the botanical gardens sounds very much like another such spot.Ampleforth college as also been suggested as Hogwarts school in North Yorkshire....great blog ..random! x

Newspaceman said...

You are too kind.

The council's "Edenburgh" image is here :

June 21st is Wills' "sun drenched" birthday, as I am sure you know.

cheers, many thanks.