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Saturday 21 March 2015

Blood, sweat and tears...

Many many moons ago I worked in the grounds of a large and imposing Jacobean mansion house in a part time general gardening capacity. There was an energy about the place and the wealthy owners, who moved in high circles, were extremely decent people. I liked it there. One morning the gentleman of the house approached and directed me to a marker on the ground close to the house. My instructions were to dig a foot diameter hole, some three deep, and most importantly, "not to deviate a fraction from the position of the marker".

It was a fairly arduous task, compounded by the fact that beneath the ground there were more rocks than would be normal; tight fitting rocks. However, I completed the job and later that morning a chap arrived with a standing stone which a group of us lifted, placed into the ground, then backfilled and compacted - job done. It was only later that I established that the owners had in fact dowsed the area before selecting the site - apparently ley lines, with their alleged potential "energy", converged upon that particular spot and the "standing stone" would somehow harness and contain the presumably benevolent energies to the owner's benefit.

It transpired that all the garden layout had been dowsed both historically and presently (perhaps the tight fitting rocks were some sort of previous foundation).

A meteor photgraphed over "Crowley's" Loch Ness on the Ides of March

Last month I wrote about Andy Murray's forthcoming wedding at Dunblane, noting the potential occult significance of the date 11th April, tying it in with the Dunblane massacre, the Stone of Destiny, freemasonry, Aleister Crowley and 101. From Bride of Frankenstein :

During the legal enquiry into the massacre, Knight of the Thistle, Lord Cullen, allegedly received an anonymous letter. It was dated 11th April 1996 and stated :
"It is in the public interest that Lord Cullen be asked if he is a Freemason....

 From the Independent dated 12th April 1996: "The Dunblane primary school gym where Thomas Hamilton massacred 16 children and their teacher was demolished yesterday. No more than a pile of rubble remains on the spot"

This week we are told that the venue has changed; rather than the service being held in Andy's Cromlix Hotel, it has been moved to Dunblane's Cathedral. Apparently huge crowds of wellwishers are expected to converge on the town to view the events. One imagines there will be doses of positive energies floating about waiting to be harnessed.

There's a couple of standing stones within the Cathedral, one an old Pictish example which was found close by, the other a tribute to the children lost in the massacre.

Some people who follow the "ley line energy" theories, believe that statues and suchlike are not randomly placed, but rather they too have a strategic purpose. In my 2009 post - A sandwich full of nonsense, I noted how on the Autumn equinox, Donald Trump masks had been affixed to various Scottish iconic statues at the same time as Libyan leader Gadaffi had spoken at the United Nations. It was just after the release of alleged Lockerbie bomber, Megrahi, whilst Gadaffi had rented land in New York for the event, from Donald Trump.

I also have written about Harry Potter and it's relationship to Greyfriars churchyard in Edinburgh, a place already thronging with tourists in the summer given the  "Bobby dog" legend. Bobby's statue was one chosen for a Trump mask.

Last year on 22nd December we saw many  "dark energies" in the aftermath of the Glasgow refuse truck incident. I wrote about the 1221 number "coincidence" in relation to Brad Pitt's World War Z movie in my post Mirrors. This week it was announced that the legal enquiry into the tragedy will commence on 22nd July. (BBC News)

22nd July is 212 days after 22nd December. 22nd July is also the anniversary of "Breivik's" massacre, Prince George's birthday, and the alleged birthday of alleged Boston bomber Tsarnaev. It's also Pi day, because the fractional representation of square loving Pythagoras' theory is 22/7.  

Pythagoras and Glasgow Rangers; the Clutha and 11 11
Dave King took control of "orange" Rangers
11th April is 111 days after 22nd December if I include the end date in the calculation. It's also the 64th anniversary of the leaving of the Stone of Destiny at Arbroath Abbey after repatriation on Christmas Day by four law students. We learned of Andy's wedding on 6th February (see Frankenstein link above), some 64 days prior to 11th April.


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