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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Soap on a rope

“There are … indeed so many instances of the consecration of the number that it would exceed the limits of this volume to record them” (Albert Mackey, Lexicon of Freemasonry, entry for “Three.”)

Soap - allegedly made from the fat of Jews (here)

I noted back in January - Tricks of the Trade - that a court hearing was scheduled for yesterday, 27/3, in respect of a legal challenge to the Lockerbie (21/12) legal conviction of Megrahi. The ritual was held, not much happened, a further hearing is to be conducted at a yet undecided date. There were 270 deaths in the incident. From my post :

27/3 will be the seventh anniversary of an "unprecedented" police raid in Finsbury Park, London, where 1122 police carried out a military style raid on various premises believed to be utilised for criminality. The same day, then Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, met his French counterpart, Sarkozy, very close by to discuss joint military strategy and education for the Africans.

Yesterday saw some other events transpire.

As we wait for the imminent publication of Prince Charles' potentially deadly, fleur-de-lis adorned, 27 "black spider" letters, he popped up in yesterday's mail on line promoting the global environmental event, Earth Hour; in the process displaying a fresh image of himself and adorable grandson George. From the Independent earlier this month, George Galloway: skip Prince Charles and hand the crown straight to William :

But I caution you now, we really would be better to miss out Charles and go to the next one down because I promise you, if Charles becomes King, the republican feeling in Britain will swiftly rise, because he actually interferes in democracy, constantly and we’re not allowed to see the letters that he has written.

Galloway greets Glencoe loving Savile
Galloway meets Lamb Island loving Geller

We saw Prince William and imminently due but wafer thin Kate visit the Stephen Lawrence institute where Wills commented, most aptly, that he was fond of shepherd's pie. There is no place for racism in today's multi-cultural, everyone-the-same society. The black James Bond controversy - BBC News
Heinz merged with Kraft this week, it's all coming together
Meanwhile, same day up at Rosslyn (here) another William was starring. Helen, Countess of Rosslyn – whose husband ­Peter St Clair-Erskine, 7th Earl of Rosslyn inherited the chapel made infamous by Dan Brown - has written a children's book detailing the conservation and restoration of the chapel through the eyes of a cat called William :

In the story William is alerted to the leaking roof by one of the angel carvings and then has to find a way of warning people,” she said. 

“In essence it is a way of describing the big problem we faced when my husband inherited the chapel in the early 1980s."

“The roof was leaking and it was deteriorating quite quickly. The stone became saturated and began flaking away so we had to put a big canopy over the roof while we began fundraising. 

Thus we perhaps see a pattern unfolding. The date 27/3, given that 27 is 3x3x3, is fairly symbolic to some. Prince Charles' 27 black spider letters could well be deadly to him in the grand scheme of things. Whilst Rosslyn's William the Cat could be seen as symbolic of a bigger picture too, given that Charles is correct about his environmental concerns, that humans are trashing the planet, and that we live in the, surely engineered, "Days of Noah". William apparently shares his father's shepherding sentiments. 



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