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Friday, 28 November 2014

A microcosm ?

I've touched on the curious numerical and calendarical "coincidences" which revolve around the death and rebirth of Glasgow Rangers football club on more than a few instances. It's maybe my imagination...

What needs highlighting before reiteration and an addition to my masonic related theory is that Rangers are rooted in Protestant values, whilst their supporters pledge allegiance to both King Billy (William of Orange) and HM Queen in no small quantity, so much so that after the Scottish referendum, some gathered in Glasgow to taunt and mock the defeated "independents" whilst guzzling Buckfast tonic wine. 

The basic story is that Rangers, then controlled by Sir David Murray (in terms of shareholding),  were in deep financial trouble. Along came a knight, an hitherto unknown one, going by the name of  Craig Whyte. Now Craig lived in Castle Grant and talked the talk, whilst the red-top media added to the illusion he was a man of considerable means. He paid David a pound for the club, in the process taking on it's considerable liabilities. 

What was allegedly unknown at the time was that Whyte had allegedly done a deal with a company called Ticketus; in effect he had sold the rights for the next three years season ticket money for a lump sum now. He used part of the lump sum to clear Rangers' 18.2 million debt with Lloyds bank.

Slowly however, the truth came out. Craig was potless to all intents and purposes. Yes he had a castle, but the mortgage was massive, the property  half restored. The BBC told how he had been banned from being a company Director previously, this was confirmed on St. Andrews Day, 30/11/2011, when Rangers issued a statement to that effect to the PLUS Stock Exchange.

The tabloids were having a field day, their editors circumambulating  the finest Glasgow restaurants each evening, given the public's attention to ongoing developments . However, Mr. Whyte was, maybe still is, at the helm.

On 13th February 2012, Rangers filed papers at court, giving notice of their intention to enter Administration given Whyte  had neglected to make tax payments of some nine million pounds. It didn't take them long for it was the very next day; Valentines.

The court's reference number for the proceedings was P221/12.

Richard Branson

Whyte then, somehow, managed to appoint his own choice of Administrators - Duff and Phelps.

They agreed that he could allegedly offload his "controlling interest" for £2, to a chap called Charles Green. (Bear in mind, that Rangers' greatest rivals are Celtic, who play in green and white).

Let's just say that Charles has gone, probably with heavier pockets and, in the last few weeks, various members of the Administration team have been arrested and charged in respect of their alleged involvement in the scam. Later, a warrant was issued for Craig Whyte, whilst a few days later, another was issued in England for him in regarding the alleged Ticketus "scam" .

Yesterday, it was reported that Whyte had been "captured" in Bandit Country (Mexico).

He was brought up to Glasgow and appeared, sporting a "Branson" beard and hair, in court today. He was bailed and freed, despite the English warrant.

Whyte today .
On 13th February 1692, exactly 320 years prior to Orange, Loyal to King Billy and the Queen, Glasgow Rangers descent into administration, a massacre was taking place. The poor unfortunate MacDonalds were slaughted in their beds by the Campbells. It is known as the Glencoe massacre, however what is often missed in the tale is that the MacDs were murdered due to the fact they were too slow to swear allegiance to the new king and queen of Great Britain: William of Orange and Mary. See PROPERTY FOR SALE re the Jimmy Savile connection.

P221/12 is a number we should identify with. Simply because of the 22 11 aspect. JFK, Hutchence, Dirty Harry's name badge, Prince William to your right, on the sidebar; to name a few. 33s pop up a lot too, additionally.

Today, 28/11, is the 332nd day of the year. There are 33 days to go till the end of the year. 33 is apparently the top level in Scottish rite freemasonry.


The above image is from alleged Luciferian, definate architect, Albert Pike's : Morals and Dogmas. One needs to reserve it in the masonic libraries so frequently is out on loan. The front cover image is highly symbolic.

Rangers advised today they need 8.3 million just to stay afloat. 

It's pure chaos at the court. The police are taking control though - here. It's maybe all symbolic of future events; a trial run, an exercise ?

The Times - 01/11/12



Anonymous said...

An inverted correlation between Te MacIans of Glencoe and The Rangers Football Club ?
The Times article is biased to say the least - The club [Rangers] has continued it's history......just as the MacIans went back to Glencoe and regrouped, so to speak.

The repeat cycle still has to be completed.


Newspaceman said...

Many thanks for the link. It was the date of the Times article that got my attention.

Any thoughts on Robert Cambell and that he was based in Glen Lyon, very close to Fortingall and the yew tree. Especially given that the police operation for Savile is "code named" yew tree ?


Anonymous said...


Remember my previous comment regards knowledge and control, it's strange that a major protagonist in the crucifixion story is associated with both Fortingall and the province of Judea. Who is controlling this story ? What double/triple deals were/have been in place ?

He was re-risen......but for what aim and purpose......for this we go circular and back to the Star of David.

Robert Campbell........who correlates with himself in The Rangers saga ?

Glen Lyon - what energies flow in it's valley.......and so near to Schiehallion ?


Anonymous said...

Sorry......point taken regards The Times article.


aferrismoon said...

A reminder of this Bovril advertising


Newspaceman said...

Many thanks Anon2, I wish I knew the answers. Robert Campbell = Craig Whyte ? The fall guys ?

Moon, thanks for the Bovril link.


Anonymous said...


RC = CW.......looks like it, ehh ??

You wish you knew the answers ??

Maybes it is that you do....................The Queen & Prince Philip (Greek) v Al Fayed (Egyptian), it's all a matter of views, ain't it. Both views together circumnavigate a lot.........control !


Newspaceman said...

RC = CW = Fred the Shred too, more control - see next post.