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Monday, 24 November 2014

Black and White

Bob Geldof recently organised a re-release of "Band Aid", in order to allegedly provide help with the "Ebola" crisis.

Last week, Prince William, recorded a "heartfelt" personal message telling people in West Africa to "stay safe". (here)

Yesterday's mail on line tells of how Prince William and Kate are due to attend a function at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhatten next month, to raise money for St. Andrew's University in Scotland as it marks it's 600th anniversary. :

Guests will need to buy a table for 10 at a cost of £64,000 to get two VIP tickets to the event and be in with a chance to meet the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge..

There are expected to be around 450 guests at the gala dinner.

There is also to be an auction. 

If these figures are correct, then the "gate" money alone should total £2,880,000.

Makes one wonder, surely.



aferrismoon said...

A 'bandaid' for Ebola, usual pisstake.

Old Bob, he certainly knows how to get the geld off you


Newspaceman said...

Apparently "occultists" have to perform "good" deeds in order to do "bad" ones.

Hence all the philanthropy.