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Thursday, 13 November 2014

The jokes on ?

Synchronicity is something I enjoy.

In yesterday's post, I noted how, on 11/11,  the final ceramic poppy had been placed in the moat of the Tower of London by cadet Harry Hayes. It was 118 days since the first one was "planted".

Yesterday, 12/11, 119 days after the first poppy was laid, volunteers began to clear the moat of the "Blood Swept Lands and Sea of Red" installation. (mail on line)

119 is a familiar number, albeit "backwards".

Back in 2012 - Holmes is where the heart is  - I noted the coincidence between James "Joker" Holmes' Denver Batman rampage and the Olympic Torch being dropped into the Tower of London to be received by Dame Kelly Holmes. Lord Coe, Chairman of the Games, noted  the Tower was a fitting point for the torch to enter London because: "it is where the power and the significance of the Monarch resides".

James Holmes' vehicle registration number was 119 ROC.

Again yesterday, two window cleaners allegedly got stuck on a cradle 69 floors up One World Trade Centre (built to replace the old one). Their "twin" Christian names were Juan, their surnames Lopez and  Lizama. (BBC)

Interestingly, J is the 10th letter of the alphabet and L is the 12th. Thus we have a possible KK- double 11 - resonator. Juan apparently means "gift from God".

The number 69 is sometimes depicted via yin and yang.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles employ the yin/yang symbol. 

Back in July, the BBC reported that Paramount, who produced the new (New York based) Ninja Turtles movie, had apologised for a poster which appeared to reference the 911 "attacks", given both the imagery and the release date.

Perhaps there is a "lesson" to be learned from the cleaning windows aspect.


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