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Sunday, 9 November 2014

A chip off the old block.

Two "animal" news stories giving a potential glimpse of the future.

The first concerns Dennis the Menace and his dog Gnasher. In this week's Beano comic, Dennis takes his faithful friend to get microchip. Dennis' Dad suggests that he gets one too. As I have noted before, once celebrities and suchlike get themselves or their beloved children chipped, the masses will follow, like lambs to the slaughter. (The Guardian)

One animal which is a sheep but was never a lamb is Dolly, genetically created at the Roslin Institute. What took the scientists by surprise was that Dolly was the same age as her "mother"; apparently they never expected that. This weeks Edinburgh Evening News reports on how the same facility - "Europe's top animal research centre" - is to be upgraded,  including storage for radioactive waste. Details of current experiments are otherwise sketchy within the article.

Note in relation to my last post concerning numbers and dates, that the news of Dolly's "birth" was released to the media on 22nd February 1997, exactly three years prior to Prince William's eleven eleven Hello magazine appearance. BBC

One can but wonder..


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