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Friday, 21 November 2014


Lambs to the slaughter
Yesterday, 20/11, was the Queen and Prince Philip's 67th wedding anniversary.

They spent it in Scotland and, judging by their luggage which was transported in a separate van (the royals arriving by train), they intend to spend at least a couple of days up here, perhaps shooting pheasants at Balmoral.

Firstly though, they visited RAF Lossiemouth, once home to the infamous 617 Dambuster Squadron, followed by Kinross Barracks. As is the norm, they were treated to a military fly-pass.

Their marriage in 1947 was held in Westminster at 11.30am, the Queen being the 10th member of the Royal family to be married there. The first was back in 1100, on 11/11, when King Henry 1st and Queen Matilda of Scotland waltzed into unity.

The date 11/11 is no stranger here, just look at the image in the sidebar.

Uri Geller, mystic and CIA mystery man, is infatuated with the numbers.

Uri purchased Lamb Island in the Firth of Forth, close to Edinburgh, as he allegedly believes that a "returning" Egyptian princess named Scota - who lent her name to Scotland -  stashed some treasure there. (BBC News) Scota was, allegedly,  Tutankamun's sister. Tutankamun  was the son of Akhenaten, this allegedly proved by DNA analysis :

The idea of Akhenaten as the pioneer of a monotheistic religion that later became Judaism has been considered by various scholars. One of the first to mention this was Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, in his book Moses and Monotheism.[62] Freud argued that Moses had been an Atenist priest forced to leave Egypt with his followers after Akhenaten's death. Freud argued that Akhenaten was striving to promote monotheism, something that the biblical Moses was able to achieve. Following his book, the concept entered popular consciousness and serious research.

Uri, naturally given his numerical compulsions, made his acquisition on 11/2/2009. (All 2 Geller Now)

Celebrity spoon-bender Uri Geller has bought a tiny Scottish island he believes has links to the pyramids at Giza and the Knights Templar...

 "This island has links not only to the pyramids, but to King Arthur, King Robert the Bruce and to the ancient Kings of Ireland too," Geller added.

"It might seem forbidding, and it is certainly uninhabitable, but it is one of the keystones to British mythology, and I am thrilled to be its owner.

Prince Philip's funeral arrangements are code-named Forth Bridge - after one of the bridges which span the Scottish estuary. Indeed there is a new third bridge almost completed, it's designers named Arup, working  in conjunction with another firm, Jacob. Thus we have the Bible resonating Jacob Arup. (here)
Stairway to Heaven
In 1918, on 21/11, much was happening in the Firth of Forth. Operation ZZ had commenced. From today's BBC :

Armistice Day is remembered as the day World War One ended, but for naval historians Britain's greatest victory came 10 days later. Operation ZZ was the code name for the surrender of Germany's mighty navy. 

For those who witnessed "Der Tag" or "The Day" it was a sight they would never forget - the greatest gathering of warships the world had ever witnessed. 

It was still dark in the Firth of Forth when the mighty dreadnoughts of the Royal Navy's Grand Fleet began to raise steam and one by one let slip their moorings.
The huge shapes of more than 40 battleships and battlecruisers began to ease out, course set due east. As the procession of steel headed for the open water of the North Sea, more than 150 cruisers and destroyers joined them. The mightiest fleet ever to sail from Britain's shores was heading for a final rendezvous with its mortal enemy - the German High Seas Fleet.

Tomorrow is 22/11, some might be of the opinion that the dates 11/11 till 22/11 are often linked with the "elite's" occult practises.



japanon. said...


This ad came out for 11/11 this year.
Pocky is a Japanese snack food produced by the Ezaki Glico Company of Japan.
Kids love them. I used to too.
Ciao. Thank you for the articles.

Newspaceman said...

Many thanks japanon. Much obliged, most enlightening.

Here, and elsewhere in the UK, pocks are spots. As in chicken pox, as in pocksie.

The products name root reminds me of the slang name for a fruit machine in Scotland - the puggie.

'Cause when it pays out it pugs pugs pugs..

New article tomorrow, gets busy at this time.