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Friday, 1 February 2013

Birds of all feathers talk together

When it comes to the number 33, the reader may possibly think of the freemasons, that secretive society with it's current roots set firmly in Kilwinning, Scotland, and it's "Mother Lodge Zero" - 33 being the generally accepted number of levels one can ascend in the craft (although there are others). The image above is from top-mason, Albert Pike's, Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry; one can see the 33, a crown, a double headed eagle (phoenix), a sun-rayed triangle or pyramid and the Latin phrase "Ordo ab chao" - order from chaos.

When it comes to Walt Disney, the reader may possibly think of children's cartoons. However, if they had read last Sunday's mail on line, then they could perhaps gain a different understanding. The linked article tells of how within California's Disneyland there is a "secretive" club, Club 33, which takes it's name from it's address, 33 Royal Street. Some say - Fritz Springmeier on Disney - that the truth of Walt is far from palatable, although whether or not he was a freemason is unconfirmed, maybe, like Pike,  he just liked numbers or royalty; or maybe both.

Going back to the eagle though, three stories this week caught my ornithological eye - indeed if  Walt "were" a conspiracy theorist, he might have made a genuine heart-warming movie based on this post. The first was from Scotland - Inverness - where a John Mackay had his head "ripped open" by a "beast's talons" - the beast (hopefully, one never knows)  in this instance not Aleister Crowley, somehow risen from Boleskin House, nor necrophiliac Savile from Glencoe, but rather an eagle owl. Poor John was leaving Inverness Masonic Club. (here).

The second involved the Pope, unfortunately not in Scotland, but rather over at Club Vatican where one of the pair of doves of peace he released to commemorate Holocaust Remembrance Day was savaged by a ""seagull", probably of the species Larus argentatus. The images below show the bird being mauled, along with the Pope, balcony style, in the company of a pair of children. (here). 

The third was Andy Murray, the Scots born survivor of the Dunblane massacre, carried out by freemason and known child-tamperer, Thomas Hamilton, and perhaps others, perhaps in some sort of occult blood sacrifice. I touched on Andy and the Dionysus / Sean Connery / Andy's mum / Manchester United (Red Devil's) Scottish manager, Alex Ferguson / wine quaffing / 911 aspect here but that's not the story. Andy was playing in Oz in the 2013 final when apparently a feather fell from the heavens, upset his concentration, and lost him the match.  From the mail on line : "Down it came like a voodoo omen, floating from the skies like malevolent thistledown, the tiny white feather that actually did bring the thistle down.".

Have a wee look at Dunblane and "numbers".

On 11th April 996, Lord Cullen - Knight of the Thistle, conductor of both this enquiry and indeed the Lockerbie one  (name source of Lockerbie - Norse trickster god, Loki's, village - Megrahi "born" April Fool's Day) allegedly received an anonymous letter, alleging freemasonic involvement and asking Cullen to state his persuasion in regard to the crafty ones.  From the Scotsman, 2005 :

"A handwritten note, apparently written by court staff after consulting with Lord Cullen, is marked "verbal response" and dated 18 April. It says "taken aback by the letter" and "not a Freemason, never has been". (Note the "has")

In a statement given to Central Scotland Police in June 1996, an unnamed Grand Lodge of Scotland leader said he was aware of press speculation that Hamilton was a Mason, but said he did not think this was true as it "would have come to light immediately after the Dunblane incident

Light (and dark/resultant shadows) have been mentioned in recent posts. See The Sperminator.

On 11th April 1996 the school gymnasium - alleged scene of the "massacre" - was demolished.

Let's look at more "happenings" on 11th April

King William (Billy) of (Protestant) Orange and his Stuart (Catholic) wife, Mary, become joint sovereigns of the UK. (Later the King orders the Glencoe massace - see Jimmy Savile /blood sacrifices, see previous posts)

Prince Willliam get's "his" RAF wings.

The "alleged" "Stone of Destiny" is returned to Arbroath Abbey in 1951, after repatriation from Westminster the previous year's Christmas Day.

The 101'st day of the year.

It's black and white, there is hope.


wiki - Morals and Dogma


Anonymous said...

Hi there.....i was wondering if April Jones is connected.....They have arrested and charged a man with murder ,but no body has been found in what is the most expensive police op in the uk......APRIL JONES = APRIL J ONES
ONES = 2 ONES = 11
The place she lived in WALES i BRYN -Y- GOG or hill of GOG.
There are GOG and MAGOG hills in Cambridgshire where WILLIAM is Duke of.......DUKE OF GOG MAGOG,legendery Giant protectors of the city of London .Gog and Mag are also oak trees in Glastonbury and are demonic enemies of God in the Bible appearing for the end times party/war etc.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

oops sorry for repeat ,thought i edited the the 2nd1 cheers

Newspaceman said...

Thanks for the info, I don't want to write very much about this, it is covered by the contempt of court laws I am led to believe. Apparently the person accused of the crime(s) said he was "probably responsible" which seems rather strange.

Note though that Led Zepplin were fond of the area, it has a river called the Dovey.

I wrote a wee bit here before