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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Divide and Conquer

Jay Z with "masonic" stage-show

 Rapper Jay-Z was prominent at the London Paralympic closing ceremony, I touched on it here, along with Gaga, Winehouse and Andy Murray in relation to some sort of  wine fuelled Dionysus worship.

Today The BBC reports of how the megastar is due to return to London this summer to play a headline concert at London's Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The date is 12th July, a date synonymous with William of Orange, given the (alleged) Battle of the Boyne.

William of Orange seems prominent, I noted the "coincidence" between Jeremy Paxman and the Glencoe Massacre anniversary just a couple of posts ago - Universally challenged.

Remember, Protestant William married Mary Stuart, from a line of catholics.


wiki - Battle of the Boyne.


aferrismoon said...

Re: the last post ' forgeing' also means to fake . Surely all empires are 'forged' in that they claim the land and its resources are theirs, initially by Divine Right, as in the Monarch being God's rep on Earth.

One of the characteristics of totalitarianism is it opposition to intellect , which we see in our celebrities, who basically talk meaningless, emotive shite while imagining that their 'craft' is actually adding something to humanity, which it walt fucking disnae.

So Freemasonry to take over from the Protestant-Catholic divide and conquer doowop. Now we are to be assimilated , or else.


Anonymous said...

random facts about Jay-Z and his blatantly masonic/satanic enterprise which seems to be linked to the royals in mysterious ways..
2008- Glastonbury Festival, 'the first major hip hop artist to headline the British festival'. He performed on the Pyramid Stage.
2011, August 8 - Roc-A-Fella Records, Roc Nation, and Def Jam Recordings release his and Kanye's West album "Watch the Throne". The tour (bearing the same name) to promote this album was 'the highest grossing hip-hop concert tour in history.'
Rihanna, who's managed by Jay-Z's Roc Nation Management was recently associated with late princess Diana.

Anon said...

"William married a Catholic." I hadn't realised.

- Aangirfan

Newspaceman said...

Hiya moon,I am led to believe that James 6th and 1st was a firm believer in the "diine right", whether he was first I don't know Don't get me started on "celebrities", there's more to them than meets the eye. The last point - spot on.

Anonymous - many thanks.

Aang He married Mary Stuart - of the line of catholic Stuarts. She was named after Mary Queen of Scots - see evident parallels with Princess Diana in terms of "sympathy" for James 6th and 1st According to wiki, she was a protestant, however her immediate ancestry was Catholic so it is extremely dubious. It's really all just a scam, as the post heading reflects. The Glencoe massacre was a blood sacrifice to the "new" joint monarchs, note their coronation on 11/4 same date as the "Stone of Destiny" was returned to Arbroath Abbbey.


Newspaceman said...

Aang - have amended post accordingly


Newspaceman said...

Note too Hilary Mantel's comments re Kate Middleton, seemingly totally twisted by the media.

From the BBC (link at foot):

"That word "fatal" is a reference to Princess Diana who, she says, "we" drove to destruction. Her conclusion is that we have now a chance to be different.

She concludes: "I'm not asking for censorship. I'm not asking for pious humbug and smarmy reverence. I'm asking us to back off and not be brutes."

If this is an attack on anyone it is the press not the Duchess of Cambridge."


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

On the subject of Masons,next time you watch "Back to the Future"
(or when you watch it for the first time) see if you think this is all just a coincidence -