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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Cardinal sins

The media today is full of Scotland's "top Catholic", Cardinal O'Brien, given allegations of  "brown pipe engineering" laid against him. (here)

It was the same cardinal who met the soon-to retire Pope for lunch, back on 16th September 2010, straight after the Pontiff's unprecedented and historic meeting with HM the Queen, at Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh - the one that sits in the shadow of city-centre extinct volcano, Arthur's Seat.

Just prior to that momentous occasion, a pair of bones allegedly from St. Andrew were taken, in secret, apparently due to "security reasons", from St Mary's Cathedral to Morningside in Edinburgh in order that the Pope and cardinal could pray before the relics at 13.00 hours. (here)

I wrote about "Christianity" bringer, St. Andrew, just last November, given the flying of "his"  X flag at 10 Downing Street, the stained glass window at Innerwick, Glen Lyon, the Glencoe /Jimmy Savile angle, and Kate Middleton's return to her old school, St. Andrew's in Pangbourne, just prior to her pregnancy announcement.  (Using one's loaf)

Maybe that Pope/Queen meeting was indeed an occult ritual as I suggested then; for sure the Catholic church seems to be crumbling.

Note Templar crosses, fish and X's



Anon said...

Strange days.

- Aangirfan


Can't find this anywhere but from you. +10

Newspaceman said...

Indeed Aang, thanks.

Jeff, thanks too, note that O'Brien was Archbishop of Edinburgh & St. Andrews - he has just resigned too.


Anonymous said...

I just read on twitter that O'brien is resigning

Anonymous said...

I just read on twitter that O'brien is resigning