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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Talking Ed

Elizabeth Taylor passed away at Cedars-Sinai medical centre in L.A. She was "skyroaded to stardom" (wiki), aged 12, in the film about a horse called Pie, National Velvet.

We touched on L.A. a couple of posts ago (
Uncanny) due to the sardine disaster at Rodondo Bay, Patti Smith's song of the same name leading to the, allegedly Princess Diana death prophetical, Smith's, Queen is Dead, and Morrissey. The reader may remember that Patti's original version came from her Horses album and was released 13th December, St Lucy's Day; a day which could be classed a "lightbringing ritual" with it's roots in the winter solstice.

National Velvet was released on 14th December 1944. It was a leap year, hence a day had been added.

Taylor possessed the piece of jewellery imaged, a "plume design" brooch once owned by Duchess of Windsor, Wallis Simpson. It is said she (unknowingly) outbid Prince Charles for it and that he wished it for Di. (


Note- Bottom image, Charles investiture as Prince of Wales. Under the plume between the dragons is written, Ich Dien: I serve.

Cedars-Sinai, an anagram, sardines cia.



Jimbo said...

You might notice also how closely the jewelry resembles the Priory of Sion logo.

Jimbo said...

There is also some kind of connection that Elizabeth Taylor had with the Royals, more specifically William, Harry and Di, at least superficially.

There's Michael Jackson and his Neverland gate logo/William-Harry crest, there's a connection to the Kennedy family and Camelot and the fact that both Taylor and Diana were "champions of Aids" (according to Wikipedia.

Jimbo said...

Liz Taylor was buried very close to Michael Jackson.