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Monday, 6 April 2009

"Put your hands together for: Stanley"...

An casual yet immortal quote, uttered by Gary Oldham in the ultra-violent football hooligan film, The Firm, back in the eighties, the previous line: "I'd like to introduce you to a very dear friend of mine; and your's. "

In my last, still unfinished, post in respect of Jamie Olivers inclusion of Childwickbury Goats Cheese in his G20 menu , I touched upon another similarly contented film - Stanley Kubrick's Clockwork Orange - a film which depicts, from wiki:

A Clockwork Orange features disturbing, violent imagery to facilitate social commentary on psychiatry, youth gangs, and other topics in a futuristic
dystopian Britain.

Today, we saw a very heavily reported story of two young children, aged 9 and 11, apparently tortured by another two boys, and thus suffering horrendous injuries.
As we note from the BBC report:

Local residents told BBC News they believed the two victims had been hit with a brick, slashed with a knife and burned with cigarettes in the Brick Ponds area of Edlington on Saturday.

note too from the map, Au-burn Road. Au is the chemical symbol for gold. Think burnt orange.

Think Child-wick-bury, and think Scots founded Ku Klux Klan. Think too, in respect of goats, a global nanny state, and again, sacrifices.


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tommy said...

I hadn't heard about this story. The names of those locations are grimly synchronistic...