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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Dew Herd ?

As the G20 summit preparations begin in earnest, and Barack meets the Queen, a tragic helicopter crash has occured in Scotland with what looks like 16 dead.

We note from
Sky News that the vehicle, a Bond Super Puma AS 33 L Mk II, ditched into the North Sea after a mayday call was received at 13.57.

Initially, the BBC reported the incident as occuring off the coast of a village called Crimond in Aberdeenshire, although their report has subsequently changed the location to Peterhead, which lies just slightly further south. The above map is from Sky's report.

What is perhaps significant about
Crimond is that firstly, it's church has a clock with an extra minute between the hours of 11 and 12, thus making 61 minutes; although why, and how it works, I unfortunately do not know. Secondly , and more importantly I feel, those familiar with Psalm 23, the Lord is my Shepherd,will perhaps be aware that the tune to which it is normally sung is named Crimond.

Notwithstanding that, if one breaks down the place name into two parts, thus Cri and Mond, and then takes the liberty of addding an e to Mond and replacing the i in Cri with a y, we note:

Monde: The world; a globe as an ensign of royalty



Anonymous said...

wots it got in its purse? eh?

:O) ray

Michael said...

16 seems to resonate often. "Sweet 16'.

Newspaceman said...

Cheers Ray, appreciated.

Michael, cheers too, thought that the 61 minutes in the 11-12 hour reversed came to 16 too.

Plus, 1.1 trillion to IMF announced today at 16.00. (4 squared)

Newspaceman said...

Plus Michael, the incident time also totals 16.