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Friday, 27 March 2009

One big "happy" family

Last year I began my post, Making an Arsenal out us, ceremoniously?, regarding French President,Nicolas Sarkozy's two day visit to the UK and an unprecedented police raid involving 1122 officers in the close proximity of his and Gordon Brown's joint press conference as follows:

"Casting back to my comments on the number 3 and its numeric cubik form of 27 in relation to the signing of the European
Treaty of Lisbon, then perhaps one would be looking to yesterday, the 27th of March, for further clues as to our potential and pre-packed future."

It therefore comes as no surprise that this year, on the same date, we again saw ominous revelations on the horizon as we heard, headlined, via the BBC of discussions between the aforementioned Gordon and our monarchy as regards a potential reformation within the Royal Family in respect of women, Roman Catholics, and their rights to "inherit" the throne.

In other words equal P.C. opportunities, a priority in these pre "global enslavement for all under a one-world King" days. cheers

Full in depth BBC report is


aferrismoon said...

Billy Pope ! { from Electric Soup]
Rangers-Celtic groundshare , prayers on the pitch, probably be able to give confession to the ref.
Anyhow building a giant temple-stadium [ seating for 10000 police] ]
'We'll not kick-off til yooz all pray togetha"
Then we'll really kick-off


Anonymous said...

from the BBC report:

"Gordon Brown and Buckingham Palace have discussed plans to change the rules of succession to the throne, including giving royal women equal rights.

"Downing Street said the scrapping of the ban on heirs to the throne marrying Roman Catholics was also discussed.

"Mr Brown said people expected discrimination to be removed and Tory leader David Cameron backed the reform."


as in america, the masonic Global Gynogulag is crow-barred in under the aegis of "equality" and "preventing discrimination"

(as if we aren't already subjects of Der Queen)

why . . . you're not FOR Inequality and Discrimination, are you?

etc. endlessly

cheers NSM, ray

Meanwhile a BBC poll suggests public support for reform, with 80% wanting equal succession rights for women.